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Morning Edition
Friday, August 20, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Mark SeeleyWeather with Mark Seeley
    University of Minnesota climatologist Mark Seeley discusses the high rainfall amounts this summer in Minnesota, as well as state weather history, with MPR's Phil Picardi.6:55 a.m.
  • Top Minn. companies weigh political donations after Target flap
    As criticism mounts over a big political donation by Target Corp., executives at several other Minnesota companies are weighing whether to get involved in this year's governor's race.7:20 a.m.
  • Construction on Fourth StreetSt. Paul's Lowertown dealing with light rail construction headaches
    For the past year, stretches of Fourth Street in St. Paul have been torn up so that workers can relocate underground utilities in preparation for rail. Business owners along the street say the roadwork has produced a painful and lingering headache.7:25 a.m.
  • Beer pongStrategies for lowering drinking in college
    A new school year begins soon for college students around the country, and school leaders are concerned about the rate of binge drinking among those students. Nationally, more than 1,400 students die every year in alcohol-related incidents.8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Giant Oil Plume Found Below Surface Of Gulf
    Scientists for the first time have mapped a plume of oil compounds that gushed from BP's broken well, extending for at least 22 miles. It's an important new piece in a huge puzzle: Where did as much as half of the spilled oil go?
  • 'Virtual Shellfish' Aid In Studying Oil's Effects
    Though some of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon has now disappeared, scientists are trying to figure out what the remaining oil is doing to marine life. A damage assessment for a place the size of the Gulf is a huge and complicated job, but out of sight does not mean out of mind.
  • For John Ridley, The N-Word Is A Line In The Sand
    Amid the fallout from talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger's use of the racial epithet on the air, Morning Edition commentator John Ridley talks to Steve Inskeep about his initial reaction, who can use the N-word, and Dr. Laura's First Amendment rights.
  • In Grip Of Drought, Floods, Niger Faces Hunger Crisis
    Nearly 8 million people in the West African nation -- more than half its population -- desperately need food aid after a crippling drought ruined harvests. But a funding shortage forced the U.N.'s World Food Program to cut distributions, meaning only a fraction will get fed. And now flooding from torrential rains is further hampering aid efforts.
  • CDC: Teen Vaccination Rates Rising
    A study in the weekly CDC report provides new numbers on how many teens are getting the vaccinations they need. Officials say that is still far from the government goal of reaching 90 percent vaccine coverage for everyone.This is the second year the centers have tracked and emphasized the need for shots for tweens and teens.
  • Should Boys Also Get Vaccinated For HPV?
    The HPV vaccination rate among girls in the U.S. has been low: Just 11 percent now get all three doses of the vaccine. Some experts suggest that also immunizing boys could enhance the vaccine's effectiveness. But others say there's not much benefit in giving the shot to boys.
  • 'Film Unfinished' Reveals Nazi Horrors, Manipulation
    A Film Unfinished is a provocative and disturbing film about an hour of incomplete Nazi footage shot in the infamous Warsaw ghetto in 1942. That footage was discovered without sound or credits in a concrete vault hidden in a forest. It was clearly the rough first draft of a Nazi propaganda film, but as the years went on clips from that footage were considered trustworthy enough to find their way into various Holocaust documentaries. In 1998, another reel was discovered that reveals how manipulated and stage key parts of the original film were.
  • FAA Expected To Penalize American Airlines
    A published report says federal officials are ready to hit American Airlines with a record penalty of $25 million or more for maintenance shortcomings. The problems led to thousands of canceled flights in 2008. The Wall Street Journal reports the FAA hasn't made a final decision or informed American. The airline says no action is warranted.
  • Economic Indicators Point To Poor Recovery
    As far as economic data go, it's been a discouraging few weeks. This week alone: Housing starts, unemployment claims and the index of leading economic indicators all came in worse than economists had predicted.
  • Toyota Presses On, Reconnecting With Customers
    Toyota is picking up the pieces after a huge recall of its vehicles over sticky accelerator pedals. The company has gone from seeming to ignore the problem, to bending over backwards trying to help customers. Toyota has also moved to recall any vehicle with a hint of a problem.

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