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Friday, August 17, 2012

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  • Obama, Romney Must Woo Seniors On Medicare Plans
    For a week now, charges and counter charges have flown on the campaign trail about who would do what to Medicare. Did President Obama really cut $700 billion from the program? Does Republican challenger Mitt Romney really support a voucher system to replace the current program?
  • Low Mortgage Rates Boost 'Serial Refinancers'
    Refinancing is not available to everyone. But those who can refinance switch from adjustable- to fixed-rate mortgages, locking money in at rates their parents in the 1980s never dreamed of. Many shave a couple of hundred dollars off their monthly mortgage payment; some get an even bigger windfall.
  • How Congressional Cemetery Got Its Name
    Back at the turn of the 19th century, Uriah Tracey was something of a trendsetter. The Connecticut senator was one of the first to fight in the Revolutionary War — and then one of the first to try to secede. And when he died in 1807, he became one of Congressional Cemetery's first occupants.
  • Belgian Town May Sue Over Soggy Weather Forecasts
    The mayor of a Belgian seaside resort town wants to sue a private meteorological service for issuing a pessimistic full-summer forecast that has resulted in cancellations and loss of revenue. A similar complaint against Dutch meteorologists has been lodged in neighboring Netherlands.
  • Would Judge Give Psychopath With Genetic Defect Lighter Sentence?
    A new study suggests using the term psychopath adds an average of five years to criminal sentences. But once a biological explanation was included, the length of the sentence dropped. In other words, our sympathy for the idea that biology might be responsible for criminal behavior is powerful.
  • Swarming Up A Storm: Why Animals School And Flock
    By tricking live fish into attacking computer-generated "prey," scientists have learned that animals like birds and fish may indeed have evolved to swarm together to protect themselves from the threat of predators.
  • Former Georgia Coach Charged In Ponzi Scheme
    The Securities and Exchange Commission says former University of Georgia football coach Jim Donnan used his influence to get high-profile college coaches and former players to invest $80 million into a Ponzi scheme. Donnan has denied the allegations
  • Student Loans Can Dent Retirees' Social Security
    Families often pull together to help finance a college education, with parents and grandparents chipping in or co-signing loans. But when a federal student loan isn't paid back, the government withholds money from Social Security recipients.
  • Some Oklahoma Mechanics Beat The Heat With Kilts
    It's been a hot summer in Oklahoma and the heat's forced those without air conditioning to get creative. Mechanics at O'Brien Auto Performance are keeping cool in kilts. From May to October, some employees there don kilts to enjoy a breezier workday.
  • Russian Judge: Punk Band Sentenced To Two Years
    A court sentenced the three members of the female punk band Pussy Riot to two years in jail after they were found guilty of hooliganism and religious hatred. The group had staged an anti-Putin protest in Moscow's main cathedral last February.

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