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Friday, August 5, 2011

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  • Asian, European Markets Rattled By U.S. Losses
    After a horrific day in the U.S. stock markets, traders in Asia assess the damage. Steve Inskeep gets the latest from NPR's Frank Langfitt in Japan and NPR's senior business editor Marilyn Geewax.
  • Anxiety Spreads In Hama Amid Violence, Isolation
    Residents of the Syrian city of Hama are bracing for another day of shelling and shooting as the regime continues its military crackdown on the first Friday of Ramadan. Hama residents say they're trapped in their houses, often without electricity or water.
  • Three New NASA Missions Will Tour The Solar System
    NASA's space shuttle may be down for the count, but robotic planetary missions are gearing up. First up: the Juno spacecraft, which blasted off Friday for Jupiter. Before the end of the year, probes will head off toward Mars and the moon as well.
  • Special Effects Gone Ape In 'Rise'
    It's the state-of-the-art computer technology that makes Rise of the Planet of the Apes worth watching.
  • City Leaders, Labor Battle Over Scrapping Pensions
    San Diego city leaders who want to eliminate pensions for most new city employees are trying to get a measure on next year's municipal ballot. Such measures require thousands of voters to sign a petition saying they want to vote on the matter. But a labor-backed group is fighting the effort with a radio ad that links signing the petition to the possibility of identity theft.
  • FAA Deal Puts Off Reckoning On Labor, Other Issues
    After a two-week standoff, Congress and the Obama administration came up with a deal to reopen the Federal Aviation Administration and put thousands of people back to work. But the temporary solution does not resolve underlying issues — one of which is a union dispute involving Delta Air Lines.
  • Salmonella Strain In Turkey Recall Resists Antibiotics
    Food giant Cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey due to suspected contamination with a strain of salmonella that's resistant to antibiotics. With dozens of people reported ill — and one death — this certainly isn't the biggest foodborne illness outbreak. But it's forcing debate on the common yet controversial practice of dosing farm animals with daily antibiotics.
  • Stock Rout Spreads From U.S. To Asia, Europe
    Stock prices across Asia nosedived Friday. Major indices were down more than 3 and 4 percent. European stocks also started their day sharply lower. Investors are taking their cue from the U.S., where a broad panic Thursday sent stock prices off a cliff.
  • As Neighbors Founder, Italy's Borrowing Costs Spike
    Italy is the latest country to be in the cross hairs of investors alarmed by Europe's growing debt crisis. In many ways, Italy's financial situation is quite healthy. But it is being harmed by severe debt problems in neighboring countries and by the inability of European policymakers to act forcefully and in unison.
  • GM Proposes Performance Pay For Union Workers
    General Motors wants a new element in the United Auto Workers contract this year — pay that is pegged to performance.

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