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Thursday, July 24, 2008

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  • U.S. Approach To 'Axis Of Evil' Shifts
    The Bush administration is now talking to governments it once shunned. The secretary of state met with the North Korean foreign minister this week; the undersecretary participated in talks with Iran's nuclear negotiator last weekend. The new approach has angered critics, but it doesn't extend to all "problem countries."
  • Jury Sees Video Of Al-Qaida Suspect's Interrogation
    The first Guantanamo Bay war crimes trial has started. A military jury viewed a video of the defendant Salim Hamdan, Osama bin Laden's former driver, kneeling before a masked U.S. soldier, denying that he worked for al-Qaida. The videotape was recorded in Afghanistan shortly after Hamdan's capture in November 2001.
  • Poll: Most Chinese Satisfied With Nation's Progress
    As the Olympics approach, a poll finds the vast majority of Chinese are satisfied with their country's direction. The Pew Research Center conducted face-to-face interviews with more than 3,000 Chinese. But China's stunning economic growth is also raising concerns about rising prices and the income gap.
  • Sporting Fame Comes With Limits In China
    With sporting fame comes corporate sponsorship, television appearances, and fat paychecks. But in China, athletes are expected to let the government manage their image and to hand over a substantial cut of their earnings.
  • Sensational Matadors Revive Bullfighting In Spain
    Just a few years ago in Spain, bullfighting appeared to be on its way out. Many people, especially younger Spaniards, were telling pollsters that they just weren't interested. But the sport is regaining cachet — largely thanks to a new breed of bullfighters.
  • MS Patient Falls Into American Insurance Gap
    After he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Jeff Rubin of Philadelphia went bankrupt paying for his medical bills. Would that happen in England? Both the U.S. and the U.K. ration health care. A look at patient experiences on either side of the Atlantic.
  • Oil Prices Drop, Gasoline Reserves Rise
    Deborah Amos has this morning's business news.
  • Gates Joins Bloomberg's Anti-Tobacco Initiative
    Microsoft founder Bill Gates has joined forces with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to fight tobacco use in developing countries. Gates donated $125 million to a tobacco-control initiative that Bloomberg launched in 2002.
  • French Winery To Buy Napa's Chateau Montelena
    A legendary French winery is purchasing a famous winemaker in California. The deal comes decades after the same California winery beat French wines in a blind taste test. Vic Motto, a wine industry investment banker, says it's "a very important merger of two great wine estates."
  • Calif. Winemaker Offers Personalized Vines
    Steve Inskeep has today's Last Word in business.

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