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Thursday, July 21, 2011

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  • Dangerous Heat Wave Bakes Midwest
    In many parts of the country, it will be intensely hot again Thursday. From the South to the Midwest to the East Coast, temperatures will soar into the 90's and some areas are forecast to top 100 degrees.
  • Ethanol Industry Torn Over Losing Subsidy Billions
    Congress is poised to cut off a federal subsidy for U.S. ethanol worth billions of dollars. Many in the industry say they would welcome the move — after all, there's still a mandate to add ethanol to gasoline. But others aren't ready to see it go.
  • New Consumer Protection Agency Faces Opposition
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opens its doors Thursday, but it still doesn't have a director. Although President Obama nominated Richard Cordray for the job, the political fight over the nomination and the agency is far from over.
  • Genome Maps May Spot Disease In African-Americans
    Two independent teams of researchers have come up with the most accurate genetic maps ever made — a feat that should make the search for genes associated with disease much easier. Scientists hope it will help particularly with the study of diseases that disproportionately affect African-Americans.
  • Shuttle Memorabilia: Completing The Collection
    As the shuttle program ends, there's a growing interest in shuttle-related historical items and collectibles.
  • Tanks Block Syrians From Fleeing To Lebanon
    A Lebanese town that straddles the border with Syria expected to see a wave of Syrians arriving after escaping recent sectarian violence in Homs. But the Syrian army apparently has shut down all escape routes. Only a small number of Syrians managed to get out.
  • At Border, Teacher Becomes Unwitting Drug Smuggler
    Ana Isela Martinez Amaya was on her way to work in El Paso, Texas, where she had just been named Teacher of the Year, when border police in Mexico found two suitcases full of drugs in her car. It looked like she could have spent years in jail — until FBI agents uncovered a complex, car-tracking drug operation.
  • Healthcare Players Announce $29 Billion Merger
    Two major companies in the healthcare system are joining forces. Express Scripts said it's buying Medco Health Solutions in a deal worth about $29 billion. The names may not be familiar but these companies are pharmacy benefit managers. They work with large corporations and health-insurers to administer prescription-drug benefits and claims.
  • UAW Prepares To Bargain With Detroit's Big 3
    The United Auto Workers union begins contract talks next week in Detroit with the Big Three automakers. It will the first time since the economic collapse that the car companies and the union have sat down to work out a deal.
  • Firms Are Doing Well, So Why Aren't They Hiring?
    The stock market overall is up about 9 percent so far this year — in large part because corporate profits are doing well. But the unemployment rate is a bit higher than at the beginning of the year. Steve Inskeep speaks with David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal, about the disconnect between soaring corporate profits, and stagnant hiring and wage growth.

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