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Monday, July 16, 2012

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  • Clinton Visits Israel On Mideast Tour
    Secretary of State Clinton is meeting with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem Monday. U.S. relations with Israel have focused less on the Palestinian situation, and more on the chances of a war against Iran.
  • Syrian Violence Escalates Into Civil War
    The Red Cross announced Sunday that the conflict in Syria has now reached the level of civil war. The declaration means international humanitarian law now applies throughout the country, and is the responsibility of all parties, whether rebel or government.
  • Nov. Election: How Much Does Fundraising Matter?
    Steve Inskeep talks with two political strategists on whether a fundraising advantage matters in this presidential campaign. Mark McKinnon advised George W. Bush and John McCain's campaigns. Mark Mellman is a democratic pollster and adviser.
  • Thriving Gut Bacteria Linked To Good Health
    Aging people who cook with vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins at home have more kinds of gut bacteria, than those eating a bland nursing home diet, says a new study. Researchers say that in addition to digestion, these bacteria might also increase immune and cognitive functions during aging.
  • Is HIV Still A Death Sentence? Young People Weigh In
    Young Americans who came of age in a world with AIDS say worrying about HIV in 2012 isn't much different from worrying about other sexually transmitted diseases. But others say there isn't much discussion about the risks of the disease in their community.
  • Treatment Gives HIV's Long-Term Survivors Hope, But Takes A Toll
    AIDS has been around for long enough that some people have lived for decades with the HIV virus. But as they age, survivors face new challenges as complicated medication regimens have their own impact on health.
  • Microsoft, NBC End Website Partnership
    The breakup announced late Sunday dissolves, the final shred of a 16-year marriage between Microsoft Corp. and NBC News, which is now owned by Comcast Corp. The relationship began to unwind in 2005 when Microsoft sold its stake in MSNBC's cable TV channel to NBC.
  • Bucking Bulls Draw Crowds, And Dollars
    In the past 10 years, bucking bulls have become a major industry. The price of the best bloodlines can soar to a quarter of a million dollars, and competitions take place everywhere from Wyoming to Madison Square Garden.
  • Weed Dating, Not Just For The Farmer In The Dell
    Weed Dating is the name of an annual event at Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho. Just like speed dating, romantic hopefuls are paired off, and then they rotate — meeting and chatting up new people every few minutes. The difference is, while they are chatting, they are weeding.
  • Obama To Campaign In Ohio, Another Swing State
    President Obama will be holding his first big town hall meeting of the 2012 campaign in Cincinnati Monday. And he will probably continue his campaign attack on Mitt Romney's record of what Democrats characterize as sending jobs abroad while he was the head of Bain Capital.

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