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Monday, June 28, 2010

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  • G-20 Leaders Promise To Trim Deficits
    World leaders meeting in Canada over the weekend agreed to some strong medicine to cut their budget deficits. The move comes despite a warning from President Obama that precipitous cuts in government spending could choke off the fragile economic recovery.
  • For Obama White House, What's The Crisis Du Jour?
    A single crisis can define a presidency -- think George W. Bush and Sept. 11, or Jimmy Carter and the Iran hostages. It's impossible to know now whether President Obama will have such a defining moment, but options seem to present themselves daily -- from the Gulf oil spill disaster to the ouster of the top U.S. general in Afghanistan.
  • At Confirmation Hearings, GOP Eyes Kagan's Record
    The Senate Judiciary Committee opens hearings Monday on the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. So far, Republican attempts to arouse controversy about Kagan have gained little traction, but this week marks the main event.
  • Out With The Old, In With The New Beginnings
    Commentator Kevin Mims is coping with the economic downturn by selling some of the personal belongings he and his wife have collected through the years. Though parting with the mementos has been difficult, he has found the purge surprisingly liberating.
  • Preserving Navajo History In Canyon De Chelly
    Every spring and summer, after the winter thaw allows, about a dozen Navajo families still return to their old homesteads at the bottom of Arizona's Canyon de Chelly. The canyon has cradled human civilization for thousands of years.
  • Nervous About Alzheimer's? Coffee May Help
    Studies suggest that a daily caffeine habit may help protect against Alzheimer's disease. But, new research indicates that the cup or two a day that most Americans drink probably isn't enough to give any benefits. And even if you're buzzing on coffee, researchers say a person's Alzheimer's risk is largely determined by genes.
  • 'Mozart Effect' Was Just What We Wanted To Hear
    In 1993, a small study found that listening to Mozart briefly improved students' ability to perform a very specific spatial reasoning task. A cultural craze ensued, much to the original researcher's surprise.
  • White House Plans To Free Up Airways
    President Obama plans to sign a memorandum Monday committing the government to freeing up more airwaves for wireless devices. The plan is to auction off 500 megahertz of the wireless spectrum over the next 10 years. By doing so, the government would nearly double the amount of the commercial spectrum currently available for mobile phones, netbooks and other gadgets.
  • Tesla Motors Banks On IPO Raising Capital
    Tesla Motors will begin selling stock to the public this week. It is holding the first initial public offering of a U.S. automaker in a half-century. The maker of the $109,000 electric Roadster is trying to raise as much as $178 million to pay for factories and possible acquisitions.
  • Forget Hybrids; Make Your Own Electric Car
    With hybrid cars multiplying and all-electric vehicles on the way, a California auto shop says: Do it yourself. Electro Automotive has been teaching people how to convert gas guzzlers into electric rides for 30 years.

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