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Thursday, June 25, 2009

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  • Will Health Care Overhaul Be Partisan Action?
    President Obama wants to overhaul the nation's health care system, and he would like it done in bipartisan fashion. But the more details congressional Democrats reveal about their health care plans, the louder Republicans protest. That raises the question: How many Republicans do the Democrats really need — or want — to support their health care plans?
  • Tracking The Money In The Health Care Debate
    As Congress prepares to overhaul the nation's health care system, anyone with a financial stake in the outcome wants to be in on the action. NPR's Dollar Politics series is tracking the lobbying money in the debate, and the interests at stake.
  • Author's Short Stories Offer Peek Into Zimbabwe
    Petina Gappah, a writer from Zimbabwe, works as an international trade lawyer in Geneva. She's written fictional stories about every layer of Zimbabwean culture. Gappah talks with Renee Montagne about her first collection of short stories, An Elegy for Easterly.
  • Obama To Lay Groundwork For Immigration Debate
    President Obama meets at the White House Thursday with supporters and opponents of changes to the nation's immigration system. Aides say the president hopes to start a formal debate on immigration later this year.
  • Is Apple Obliged To Say More About CEO's Health?
    A hospital disclosed this week that the computer maker's CEO had a liver transplant because he had "end-stage liver disease" and was the sickest patient on the list, raising questions about whether the company should have disclosed more about his condition to investors.
  • Savage: Obama Denies Gays 'Gold Standard' Rights
    Gay activist Dan Savage says, "President Obama should be very angry with candidate Obama" because the latter raised the expectations of his gay supporters and the former has failed to deliver results.
  • Billionaire Stanford To Appear In Texas Court
    Indicted Texas financier Allen Stanford is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Houston on charges he cheated investors out of $7 billion. Stanford previously has said he is not guilty of running a Ponzi scheme.
  • Bernanke To Answer Questions Of A Cover-Up
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is on Capital Hill Thursday responding to charges that the Fed engaged in a cover-up as it aided Bank of America's takeover of Merrill Lynch.
  • Nightlife Area's Dress Code Seen As Discriminatory
    While many nightclubs have dress codes, some say a new entertainment district is so strict that it discriminates against African-American and Latino patrons. Rules prohibit sleeveless shirts on men, excessively baggy clothing, work boots and sports attire.
  • Selling Naming Rights May Save College Classes
    City College of San Francisco's chancellor came up with an idea to keep classes from being canceled: donate $6,000 and you can have the class named after you. The Board of Trustees meets Thursday to discuss the idea. Not everyone is happy with the plan.

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