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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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  • Obama Encourages Tourists To Return To Gulf Coast
    President Obama continues his tour of the Gulf Coast on Tuesday morning. The region is marred by the massive BP oil spill and the damage continues. While in Mississippi on Monday, the president said one of the best ways people can help is to visit the coast and enjoy the outstanding hospitality.
  • White House Wants Assurances BP Can Cover Claims
    President Obama is upping the pressure on BP to create an independently monitored escrow fund to handle claims by those affected by the Gulf oil spill. The White House hasn't put a price tag on the escrow fund it wants. But Senate Democrats called on the company to set aside $20 billion.
  • Lawyers To Wrap Up Gay-Marriage Trial
    After a months-long break, a landmark federal trial challenging California's ban on same-sex marriage ends Wednesday with closing arguments. The outcome could have wide-ranging implications. If California's gay-marriage ban is struck down, the judge could do it in way that sweeps away anti-gay-marriage laws throughout the nation.
  • Justice Department Pick Faces Confirmation Battle
    Lawyer James Cole is in line to serve as the deputy attorney general, but an op-ed on the Sept. 11 attacks and his role monitoring bookkeeping for insurance giant AIG could spur Republican opposition to his confirmation.
  • Cushman Scooters: Born To Be Wild In Sturgis, S.D.
    Every year more than 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts meet in South Dakota for the legendary Sturgis Rally. The area is busy this week but it's not because of motorcycles. Sturgis is being inundated with hundreds of Cushman scooter fans. They were offered the chance to "play where the big boys play."
  • Vast Mineral Resources Should Give Afghans Hope
    A team of American geologists and Defense Department officials have found that Afghanistan may be sitting on as much as $1 trillion in mineral deposits. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Paul Brinkley talks to Steve Inskeep about what effect this finding may have on Afghanistan's future and U.S. involvement there.
  • Uzbeks Flee Ethnic Rioting In Kyrgyzstan
    In Kyrgyzstan, tens of thousands of refugees are fleeing the ethnic rioting that has engulfed the southern part of the nation. Most are women, children and the elderly who have found their way to overcrowded refugee camps. Neighboring Uzbekistan has sealed its border, saying it cannot handle any more people who are seeking refuge from the violence.
  • Regulators Approve Exchange For Movie Futures
    Investors now will be able to buy financial products based on a movie's box office performance. The idea is that buying these derivatives would help movie investors offset the risk of putting money into big movie productions.
  • House Panel To Hear From Oil Executives
    Oil companies go to Capitol Hill to testify about the risks of offshore drilling Tuesday. The CEOs of Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips, as well as the president of BP America, will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
  • Monitoring Conflict Minerals: Who's Accountable?
    The Senate recently passed a bill blocking the import of "conflict minerals," and the House is working on its own version. The Conflict Minerals Trade Act would require the U.S. government to map all mines in Congo and identify which are controlled by militias.

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