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Friday, May 23, 2008

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  • McCain's Age and Health, and the 2008 Election
    Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is in good general health and is free of skin cancer, according to a report by The Associated Press that cites the candidate's medical records. McCain is 71, older than any newly elected president. In a Pew poll, half the voters said they'd be less likely to vote for a candidate in his 70s.
  • Obama Seeks Jewish Support in Florida Trip
    Barack Obama met with an influential group Thursday he has yet to win over — Jewish voters in Florida. Some remain skeptical about the Democratic presidential candidate's support for Israel, while others say they simply don't know enough about him. Obama is courting their support, looking toward the general election.
  • In Reversal, Myanmar to Admit Foreign Aid Workers
    Myanmar's military government has agreed to let all aid workers into the country to assist cyclone victims. Host Renee Montagne reports.
  • In Gulf, the Cost of Rebuilding Homes Soars
    The small Gulf Coast town of Cameron, La., was destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005. Fewer than half of Cameron's 2,000 residents have returned since the storm. Many rebuilding efforts are stalled by high prices.
  • China Quake Jars Memories in U.S. Chinatown
    The largest Chinese community in the United States has been reaching out to help victims of last week's massive earthquake in Sichuan province. The effects of a major disaster are familiar to some residents of San Francisco's Chinatown, which suffered an earthquake of similar magnitude just over a century ago.
  • British Leader Brown's Party Takes a Loss
    Britain's Conservative Party has won a parliamentary seat from the ruling Labor Party in a by-election. The loss is being viewed as a barometer of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's eroding popularity.
  • Advice to Stop PTSD Diagnoses Triggers Probe
    Concern that the government is trying to save money by curbing the number of diagnoses for post-traumatic stress disorder has been heightened by an incident at a Veterans Affairs hospital. An inquiry is under way, and a VA coordinator has been removed.
  • Juneau Power Crisis Brings Stark Savings Measures
    One month after an avalanche knocked out its connection to a hydroelectric dam, much of Juneau, Alaska, is still relying on diesel back-up generators. Residential electricity rates have gone up about 400 percent. As a result, residents and the city have embarked on an extraordinary conservation campaign.
  • McDonald's Makes Fries Trans-Fat Free
    The world's largest fast-food chain said Thursday that it had switched to a trans-fat-free cooking oil in all its U.S. and Canadian restaurants. McDonald's chief executive said french fries, hash browns and other fried foods are now cooked in a blend of canola, corn and soybean oil.
  • Costs of Obesity Add to Business Overhead
    Employers are growing more concerned about higher costs associated with overweight employees. Public health analysts say a big part of the increased cost of health insurance has to do with treating obesity-related health problems.

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