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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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  • Military Hospitals Experiment with Virtual Reality
    Soldiers returning from Iraq often have to confront painful memories of war. Now military and veteran hospitals are using virtual reality to help veterans relive their experiences in order to break through them.
  • Air Force Prepares Members for Ground Combat
    The Air Force has long billed itself as the most glamorous of the service branches. But with the Pentagon short on infantry manpower, the branch is increasingly being called on to fill the gaps. At the Expeditionary Center in Fort Dix, New Jersey, airmen are retrained in combat techniques to prepare them for fighting on the ground in Iraq.
  • Proposal for New Border Bridge Draws Critics
    The Ambassador Bridge, between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, is the busiest trade crossing between the United States and Canada. A proposal to build another bridge nearby has sparked controversy, raising questions about security and historic preservation.
  • Flotilla Pushes Whales Out to Sea
    Two endangered humpback whales have spent the last week swimming in the Sacramento River. The mammals could die if they don t get to deeper water. So rescuers lined up a fleet of boats and made a lot of noise in an attempt to scare the whales back into the Pacific.
  • FDA Criticized for Diabetes Drug Avandia
    There are more demands to overhaul the Food and Drug Administration. Scientific analysis indicates the widely used diabetes drug, Avandia, raises the risk of heart attacks and possibly death. The agency is being criticized for the way the drug was initially approved, and for not reporting problems sooner.
  • Colombian Officials Linked to Drug Trade
    Washington's closest ally in Latin America is Colombia, which receives $4 billion from the U.S. in military and anti-drug aid. Now, the Colombian government is being rocked as paramilitary groups publicly claim to have the cooperation of the country's army, politicians and big businessmen.
  • Robot Jockeys Give Camel Racing a Modern Twist
    Robots are replacing young boys as jockeys in the ancient sport of camel racing, which is still popular among Arabs in the Persian Gulf. The change puts an end to one of the sport's most objectionable practices.
  • S&P Briefly Rallies to All-Time High
    The Standard & Poor's 500 Index, one of the three major benchmarks for U.S. stocks, briefly surpassed its all-time closing high Monday before falling back. It had been rising steadily, reflecting a flurry of takeover deals.
  • Gas Prices Force Motorists to Dig Deep
    Summer is still a month a way, but motorists already are facing some of the highest gas prices ever. The national high has climbed to $3.20 a gallon. Pump prices are almost at an all-time record that's stood for more than a quarter-century.
  • U.S., China Grapple with Trade Issues
    Chinese officials are in Washington this week to discuss trade issues with their U.S. counterparts. Their agenda includes airline travel, ownership of Chinese banks, and piracy. But this week's talks will likely be dominated by Congressional criticism of Chinese monetary policy.

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