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Friday, May 2, 2008

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  • Mahdi Army Commander: Fighting Is Only Option
    A senior Mahdi Army commander from Baghdad's Sadr City talked to NPR's Tom Bowman about recent fighting in Sadr City, the group's belief in its right to defend itself, and why the militia refuses to lay down its arms, even though the Iraqi government has ordered it to do so.
  • Pakistan Holds Peace Talks with Tribal Leaders
    Pakistani officials are trying to arrange a peace deal with tribal elders in northwest Pakistan. Previous attempts have failed, but there is optimism this time because a Pashtun nationalist party, the ANP, is involved in the negotiations.
  • Genetic Discrimination Bill Clears Hurdle in House
    The House voted Thursday to give final approval to a landmark bill that would bar discrimination in health insurance and employment on the basis of a person's genetic information. The bill has been 13 years in the making; President Bush is expected to sign it.
  • Credit Picture Different for Rich, Poor Households
    Americans have been borrowing aggressively to keep up with the rising cost of living. But with credit tightening for mortgages and credit cards, this may no longer be an option for many poor consumers. An economist says the credit crisis is a story of two different kinds of households.
  • Conflict Escalates Between Russia, Georgia
    Russia is sending more peacekeeping troops to two pro-Moscow breakaway regions in Georgia, raising fears that an escalating crisis between Moscow and Tbilisi may develop into military hostilities.
  • 2 of 3 Presidential Hopefuls Back Gas Tax Holiday
    One of the hot topics on the presidential campaign trail this week has been whether to institute a gas tax holiday this summer. Both John McCain and Hillary Clinton are backing the proposal. Barack Obama calls it a gimmick.
  • Bill Clinton Takes His Political Game to Small Towns
    This week, former president Bill Clinton has been on a back-roads tour of rural North Carolina in support of his wife's presidential campaign. But as he campaigns for Hillary Clinton, he can't help talking about his own legacy.
  • April Jobs Report Beats Expectations
    Employers cut far fewer jobs in April than most economists predicted, and unemployment edged lower, down to 5 percent. The closely watched jobs report released Friday morning showed a total of 20,000 jobs lost in April. Economists were expecting to lose 80,000.
  • Proposed Credit Card Rules Limit Interest Increases
    The Federal Reserve is expected to approve new rules Friday that prohibit some of the credit card industry's billing practices. Among other things, the changes prevent card companies from arbitrarily raising the interest rate on cardholders' outstanding balances.
  • Ohio Lawmakers Target Payday Lenders
    Lawmakers in Ohio are attempting to crack down on what are known as payday lenders — dealers who charge short-term borrowers in need of quick cash extraordinarily high interest rates. But lenders say the effort could put them out of business.

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