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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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  • Balancing Biofuel, Food Crops a Challenge for Britain
    Britain has been forced to seek a compromise between finding greener ways to fuel its economy and growing food to feed its population. A new law went into effect there Tuesday that requires 2.5 percent of all gasoline and diesel sold for any vehicle to come from biofuels.
  • Rising Demand for Meat Takes Toll on Environment
    As global demand for meat products has increased in recent years, so has awareness of the environmental damage that the industry causes. Modern meat production uses enormous amounts of energy, pollutes water supplies and creates greenhouse gases.
  • Justices Weigh Death Penalty for Child Rape
    The Supreme Court on Wednesday hears a key death penalty case testing whether capital punishment is constitutional for rape of a child. It is the first time the newly constituted court will examine the standards for determining crimes punishable by execution.
  • U.S. Banks Face Government Pressure to Raise Cash
    The country's biggest financial institutions have been raising billions of dollars in new capital after losing money on bad investments in the mortgage market. They're collecting the money from private investors, new stock offerings and foreign governments.
  • Clinton's Female Base Wavers Ahead of Pa. Primary
    The race between Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has tightened in Pennsylvania because of the changing support of young professional women. The group originally leaned toward Clinton, but in recent weeks has given Obama a second look.
  • Spain's Pregnant Defense Minister Stirs Controversy
    For the first time, Spain's newly re-elected prime minister has announced a 17-member cabinet that has more women than men. One of them is Spain's first female defense minister, who is also seven months pregnant. Her appointment is causing waves in the Spanish media and beyond.
  • Washington Mutual Shareholders Demand Changes
    Washington Mutual, the nation's largest savings and loan, is in a financial mess because of the housing meltdown. Shareholders looking for accountability voted Tuesday to ask the chairman to step down. They also pressured the company to link executives' bonuses to mortgage losses and foreclosures.
  • 'Harry Potter' Author Sues over Encyclopedia
    The author of the Harry Potter books is suing a publisher over its forthcoming book, The Harry Potter Lexicon, an encyclopedia of terminology from the beloved series. J.K. Rowling claims the book is a rip-off of her work.
  • Graduates' Job Hunt Tougher as Economy Falters
    This year, the job market for graduating college students is tougher than it's been since the 2001 recession — especially in finance and manufacturing. Career counselors say the days when students got to juggle job offers are over.
  • Germany Pays Workers to Take Out-of-Country Jobs
    In Germany, where the unemployment rate is 8 percent, many citizens leave the country to find work. And officials are doing their bit to reduce unemployment at home. The government is paying a "mobility bonus" to jobless citizens to move with their families anywhere in the world for a job.

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