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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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  • Bird Flu Studies Mired In Export Control Law Limbo
    Export controls designed to restrict international trade in weapons are keeping scientists from sharing their research on the bird flu virus.
  • Calif.'s Prescription-Drug Monitoring System Feels Pain From Budget Cuts
    Dozens of states electronically track the prescriptions for powerful narcotics like Vicodin and OxyContin to root out pill-shopping patients and unscrupulous doctors. But in California, a relentless budget crisis is threatening that system and causing deep concern among doctors and law enforcement.
  • Best Books (And Surprising Insights) On Lincoln
    Politicians love to invoke Honest Abe, often while twisting his legacy to fit their own purposes. But who was the man, really? Three Lincoln historians discuss the books they think best capture the president's character.
  • Vets Help Others Move From Combat To College
    With thousands of veterans home from the Iraq war and thousands more coming home from Afghanistan, colleges across the country are addressing ways to meet their needs. At Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, student veterans are leading the way to help each other navigate the challenges of college life.
  • Paintball Journalism? Former Ranger, Journalists Trade Shots With Hezbollah
    In a bid to get to better know Hezbollah's fighters, the group challenged them to a paintball game. There were some moments of bonding, others that were chilling.
  • M. Ward: Sounds Of A Different Time And Place
    The singer-songwriter went to eight different studios to make his latest album, A Wasteland Companion. Ward drew inspiration not only from the different locations, but also from a variety of older production styles.
  • For $1.1 Billion, Facebook Snaps Up Instagram
    Success for the popular photo-sharing app Instagram has been sudden and dramatic. Founded in 2010 by two Stanford University graduates, it now has 27 million users.
  • Microsoft To Buy Patents From AOL For $1.1 Billion
    A shareholder group of AOL had been complaining that the struggling company hadn't acted to realize the value of its patents. Many tech companies have been moving aggressively to assemble large patent portfolios as they battle over intellectual property.
  • For Freelancers, Landing A Workspace Gets Harder
    Many freelance workers opt to work in co-working spaces, where they rent cubicles and other office resources by the day or the month. Now, some companies, in an attempt to promote a certain environment, are becoming increasingly selective about who can work in their space.
  • Machine Evens Sushi-Making Playing Field
    Japanese company Suzumo introduced what it calls a sushi robot at a food expo in Tokyo last week. The cutting-edge sushi-making machine is about 10 times quicker than the most productive sushi chef. No word yet on the price for the counter-top device which weighs about 20 pounds.

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