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Morning Edition
Monday, March 25, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Downtown Rochester skywayAt Mayo, a bonanza of medical records is set to grow even larger
    Since 1966, the Mayo Clinic has collected as many medical records as possible in Minnesota's Olmsted County to generate powerful studies that help save lives. The Rochester Epidemiology Project, with nearly 600,000 medical records, has provided groundbreaking information on a variety of conditions. The project is expanding to other counties, which will help researchers broaden its database.6:45 a.m.
  • Lawmakers to hear from constituents back in districts
    It will be a quiet week at the State Capitol, as the legislature takes its traditional Easter/Passover break.7:20 a.m.
  • The story behind those 'cheeky' billboards
    Public health officials are taking an "unusually cheeky" approach to compel Minnesotans to get screened for colon cancer.7:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • European Parliaments Next To Approve Cyprus Deal
    Finance ministers from European countries that use the euro approved a last-minute bailout for Cyprus to keep its banking system from collapsing. The $13 billion deal came after tense negotiations during which the Cypriot president threatened to resign.
  • Cypriots Question EU's Motives Behind Bailout
    Cyprus has secured a $13 billion package of rescue loans in tense, last-ditch negotiations. Some in Cyprus question whether the European Union wanted Cyprus' recently discovered natural gas reserves or big bank deposits to go to German banks.
  • Exiled Russian Oligarch's Death Launches British Probe
    Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky died over the weekend in London. The oligarch made a fortune when the Soviet Union broke up but after disagreements with Russia's president, he sought and received asylum in Britain in 2003. In Britain, there's intense speculation over whether the Kremlin wanted him dead.
  • Texas Church Is A Battleground In Gay Marriage War
    The Supreme court set to hear arguments this week on same-sex marriage. Some conservative Evangelical Christians in El Paso, Texas, reflect on the increasing acceptance of gay marriage, and how American culture is changing in ways that make them uncomfortable and pessimistic.
  • Iraqi Refugees Find Hard Times In California
    Since the U.S. opened its doors to Iraqi refugees in 2007, more have ended up in California than any other state — nearly 20,000. They're facing big challenges once they arrive. In addition to the language barrier, many have trouble adapting to living in California because they suffer from depression or PTSD.
  • How An Unlikely Drug Helps Some Children Consumed By Fear
    When abiding fear takes over some kids' lives, they respond with anger and aggression that's not premeditated. One psychiatrist says he's finding profound relief for a particular subgroup of these children in experimental research with the anesthesia drug ketamine.
  • Apple Buys Startup Mapping Company
    Apple has been trying to go head-to-head with Google to provide better mapping services. Apple has confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that it bought WiFiSLAM for $20 million but wouldn't discuss plans.
  • 2 More Suitors Offer To Take Over Dell
    The board of the computer company Dell is said to be weighing several takeover offers. The company's founder has allied with the private equity firm Silver Lake to take the company private.
  • Matzo Granola: From Family's Kitchen To Store Shelves
    Passover begins Monday at sundown. The Jewish holiday commemorates the mass exodus of Jews from Egypt. For eight days, observant Jews will eat matzo, a symbolic dry, flat cracker, that some say tastes like cardboard. And that taste is what has fueled the entrepreneurial spirit of an Atlanta man and his family.
  • Congress Rebukes IRS For 'Star Trek' Parody Video
    The video stars IRS workers and was shown at a conference in 2010. The agency admitted it was "a mistake" to spend thousands of dollars on the video, which was deemed to have no training value.

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