Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Puking PrincessCampaign urges college students to 'Stop at Buzzed'
    To fight binge drinking, a central Minnesota college is asking students to stop drinking when they're "buzzed."7:20 a.m.
  • Gabby's SaloonMinneapolis nightclub takes city to court
    Gabby's Saloon, in northeast Minneapolis, is taking the city to court claiming restrictions on its liquor license are unfair.7:25 a.m.
  • Morgan ParkNew book tells story of a "company town"
    A new book takes a look at the history and the legacy of a "company town" in northeastern Minnesota. Morgan Park was a community planned and built by U.S. Steel, the largest single employer in Duluth for much of the 20th century. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Arnold Alanen, author of the book.7:50 a.m.
  • Church Basement Ladies 2Church Ladies musical running at Plymouth Playhouse
    "Church Basement Ladies 2" is now onstage at the Plymouth Playhouse. The locally-created musical is one of the best examples of made-in-Minnesota shows that have gone on to long lucrative runs here and in other parts of the country. Morning Edition arts commentator and St. Paul Pioneer Press theater critic Dominic Papatola talks about the little show and its big expectations.8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Anbar's Turnaround Surprises U.S. General
    Marine Maj. Gen. John Kelly, who commands forces in western Iraq, says al-Anbar province is still dangerous, but the improvements made in the last year have been startling. He says the area is now thriving with commerce.
  • Bulgaria to Auction WWII Nazi Tanks
    Collectors of vintage military vehicles are already lining up to bid on some of the more than 40 Nazi German tanks that were once used to protect Bulgaria's southern border during the Cold War.
  • Letters: Obama, Political Wives, Jack Bauer, Turnips
    Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep read listeners' comments.
  • Jailed Milwaukee Alderman Runs for Re-Election
    A one-term Milwaukee alderman has been sitting in jail since his arrest last Memorial Day. But that hasn't stopped him from running a re-election campaign — or drawing widespread support.
  • New Tool Reassesses Osteoporosis Risk
    An online calculator created by the World Health Organization takes into account bone density as well as nine specific risk factors, such as smoking and alcohol use.
  • Doctors' 'Treat the Numbers' Approach Challenged
    It can take scientists a decade or more to determine whether a drug actually works. In the meantime, doctors rely on other measures, like testing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, to determine whether a drug is having positive effects. But recent studies challenge the practice of prescribing medicine based on certain test results.
  • Borders Book Store Chain Seeks a Buyer
    Borders is exploring the possibility of putting itself up for sale. It's having a hard time fending off competition from No. 1 book store chain Barnes and Noble, the Wal-Mart book aisle and online book sellers. Borders' stock price has fallen 66 percent since last year.
  • Fidelity Resists Pressure to Break Sudan Ties
    Shareholder activists continue to target the government of Sudan for its actions in Darfur, and a number of states have responded by passing Sudan divestment laws. But the attempt at financial pressure isn't gaining much traction in the mutual fund industry.
  • Starbucks Plans New Drinks, New Discounts
    Starbucks isn't selling as many cups of coffee as it once was. Former CEO Howard Schultz is back at the helm, trying to turn around sagging sales. He is making dramatic changes, including new machines, new prices and even new coffee.
  • D.C. Clips Bar's Tuesday Night 'Buzz Cuts'
    People have been gathering at a bar in the nation's capital to take advantage of a Tuesday night promotion: get a haircut, along with a shot of whiskey, for $12. Then the promotion ended — not because the haircuts were bad, but because city officials cracked down. They say the bar didn't have a permit — for haircuts.

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