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Friday, March 19, 2010

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  • Toyota Deals Get Customers Back To Showrooms
    Thanks to specials like zero percent financing and price cuts, Toyota sales have risen sharply. A recent dealer survey finds that so far this month, Toyota has regained the same market share of sales it had before the gas pedal recall.
  • Runaway Cars: Driver Error Or Car Malfunction?
    The problems with Toyota's gas pedals have been front page news for weeks now, but what about the people in front of the pedals? Earlier studies have found that the majority of car-surging incidents were actually the fault of the driver. But the recent problems with cars continuing to accelerate haven't been studied yet.
  • Exploring The Taliban's Complex, Shadowy Finances
    Western nations have long criticized Afghanistan's failure to curtail opium production, a main source of income for the Taliban. But counterterrorism officials say the problem is far more complex than just drug money, including diverted charity payments and "protection money" from convoys seeking to resupply U.S. forces in Afghanistan.
  • FDA Restricts Marketing Tobacco To Youth
    The FDA has issued the first regulations since Congress gave the agency power to regulate tobacco. The regulations clamp down on the marketing of cigarettes to children and teenagers. The new rules prohibit a number of ad strategies like giving way hats and T-shirts with tobacco logos. Plus, no more selling of cigarettes in certain vending machines where kids can get at them.
  • Undecided Lawmakers Targeted For Their Health Vote
    On Capitol Hill, a few dozen House members are trying to decide how to vote on health care — while hundreds of advocates and thousands of e-mails are trying to sway them one way or the other. The House is expected to vote on its health care overhaul legislation on Sunday.
  • Thousands To Rally For Immigration Overhaul
    Activists are arriving in Washington D.C. for this weekend's rally to push for an overhaul of immigration laws. Arizona has some of the toughest laws in the nation targeting illegal immigrants. Churches and advocacy groups from the state are sending delegates to Washington to march for changes at the federal level.
  • Universal Music To Test Lower Price Of CDs
    The world's largest music company is lowering the price of CDs. Universal Music is rolling out a test to see whether a $10 price ceiling will encourage consumers to buy more compact discs. Over the last decade, CD sales have dropped by more than half.
  • Austinites Angle For A Piece Of SXSW Cash Cow
    The South by Southwest music festival bills itself as "the premier destination for discovery." It's also the destination for truckloads of cash, as music and art fans flock to Austin, Texas, each March. Last year's event brought nearly $100 million to the city, according to one analyst.
  • Will The Real 'Music City' USA Please Stand Up
    While the music festival South by Southwest attracts thousands of industry types to Austin, Texas, other locales are trying to make sure the host city doesn't get too much credit as being the "music city." Places like Nashville, Seattle and even the state of Louisiana have sent contingents to Austin to promote their own ties to music.
  • Billionaire Investor Wannabe Rock Star?
    Warren Buffett can be seen in a video dressed and singing like Axel Rose of Guns and Roses. The video was made by employees of Buffett's car insurance company Geico. Every year Geico workers put together a music video for their annual meeting. They told Time magazine that this year they wanted to come up with the most "ridiculous" outfit they could think up for their billionaire owner.

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