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Monday, March 19, 2007

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  • U.S. Eases Freeze on North Korean Assets
    Discussions on North Korea's nuclear program resume in Beijing. The United States has agreed to unfreeze $25 million in North Korean assets, which may jump-start the talks.
  • Europeans Cool to U.S. Missile Defense Plan
    The Bush administration says a missile-defense system based in Europe could deflect an attack from Iran and build better relations between the United States and European allies. But many Europeans question the necessity of the program.
  • Latin Migrants Sent $62 Billion Home in 2006
    The Inter-American Development Bank estimates that migrant workers from Latin America sent home $62 billion last year — more than all foreign aid and investment in the region. The number could hit $100 billion by 2010.
  • Davidson College Dropping Student Loans
    Davidson College will eliminate loans from its financial-aid packages, offering grants and jobs instead. The North Carolina school says it wants its students to be free of debt when they graduate.
  • Concussions Give the NFL a Major Headache
    Recent stories about the long-term health effects of concussions have put the National Football League on the defensive. A critic says the league has made misguided attempts to solve a problem exposed by improved medical research.
  • Lost Language of Ladino Revived in Spain
    Medieval Spanish Jews spoke Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish, for centuries. Now a small group is trying to revive Ladino, with assistance from the Spanish government.
  • Justices Hear 'Bong Hits' Free-Speech Case
    The Supreme Court re-examines the rights of students to exercise free speech in school. Justices will hear a case involving a student from Alaska, who is suing his school district. He was suspended after displaying a banner near his school that read "Bong Hits for Jesus."
  • Qwest's Nacchio Faces Insider-Trading Charges
    Former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio will appear in court Monday to answer charges of insider trading. He is accused of selling more than $100 million in stock as the company's finances were falling apart.
  • Chinese Launch Ambitious Passenger-Plane Plans
    China will set up a state-owned company to build large aircraft for commercial use. The move is a direct challenge to Boeing and Airbus, which now dominate the global market. China also wants to build planes for its own market.
  • Solar-Energy Company Faces Skepticism
    A company called Citizenre says it can bring affordable solar energy to the mass market by year's end. It wants to build solar-energy systems on a large scale and lease them to customers. Industry insiders question the company's financial model.

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