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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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  • Attorney General Resists Calls for Resignation
    Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is rejecting growing calls for his resignation. Gonzales has acknowledged his department mishandled the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys and misled Congress about how they were fired.
  • Context: How U.S. Attorneys Are Hired and Fired
    David Burnham, a writer and researcher who analyzes government enforcement agencies, explains how U.S. attorneys are appointed and dismissed. He calls the recent firing of eight federal prosecutors unprecedented, and says the criteria for the dismissals are unclear.
  • Ugandans Scarred by Experience as Child Soldiers
    Child soldiers are fighting in a number of conflicts in Africa, and around the world. In the time that it would normally take one child to be born and go to college, a rebel army in northern Uganda is believed to have stolen more than 20,000 children.
  • Trial of Former Media Mogul Conrad Black Begins
    Jury selection begins Wednesday in Chicago in the trial of former media mogul Conrad Black. Black and three other executives of Hollinger International are accused of stealing at least $80 million from shareholders.
  • Eagle Population Up, But Prime Habitat Threatened
    Bald eagles may soon be taken off the endangered species list thanks to a recent surge in population. Yet biologists worry that waterfront development is rapidly eating up eagle habitat and that the birds are still in peril.
  • Rare Rabbit Seeded in Central Washington State
    The pygmy rabbit has been listed as endangered for six years. Tuesday, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife introduced a number of the creatures to a remote preserve. They hope to jumpstart the animal's population in central Washington state.
  • San Francisco Nears Ban on Plastic Grocery Bags
    San Francisco is moving closer to outlawing all plastic grocery bags. Supporters of the move claim the bags create too much garbage. But grocers say the ban will only raise costs.
  • Subprime Mortgage Concerns Rattle Markets
    New concerns about the status of subprime lenders sent stocks plunging Tuesday. The Mortgage Bankers Association said delinquency rates for subprime, adjustable-rate mortgages hit a four-year high.
  • Workplace Woes: The Prying Boss
    What do you do with a boss who insists on prying and wanting to know what's going on in your private life? It could be a sign that she's lonely — or that she's concerned about your job performance.
  • Coffee Created for People with Sensitive Stomachs
    "Stomach friendly" coffee is a new product aimed at people who complain that coffee affects their digestive system. Folgers says 35 to 40 million Americans have cut back on coffee because of stomach problems. So it's come out with a product called "Simply Smooth." Another coffee company's created "Gentle Java."

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