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Friday, March 9, 2007

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  • Hill Democrats Unveil New Plans for Iraq
    Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have presented separate plans meant to change the course of the war in Iraq. Both proposals set timetables for withdrawing U.S. forces.
  • First Hearings Set for 14 Key Terrorism Suspects
    The Pentagon holds its first hearings Friday for 14 high-profile terrorism suspects detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The hearings, closed to the media, are to determine if the prisoners are so-called "enemy combatants."
  • CBS Execs Defend Couric's Lagging Ratings
    Months after Katie Couric took over the CBS Evening News, the network remains in third place in the news-ratings race. Couric's bosses say she is helping reach a new demographic of younger viewers and women.
  • Film Contrast: Loud '300,' Quiet 'Silence'
    Two debuts: 300 is a fierce, stylized retelling of Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. Into Great Silence is a documentary about a French monastery where a vow of silence is observed.
  • Energy Concerns Push Clocks Forward this Weekend
    The annual ritual of resetting our clocks to spring forward one hour usually starts on the first Sunday in April. This year, daylight-saving time starts three weeks early. Some say the move will save oil; others worry it will cause a mini-Y2K.
  • Bush Visit Prompts Protests in Brazil
    President Bush and Brazilian President will promote an agreement that Bush says will boost alternative fuel production and wean U.S. cars from gasoline. But thousands of rotesters crowded the streets of Sao Paulo ahead of the Bush visit, protesting the deal.
  • Exploitation Aids Brazil's Economic Boom
    Brazil's economy is among Latin America's strongest, but success comes at a cost. Rights groups estimate that more than 25,000 Brazilians work in brutal conditions in industries such as mining and farming.
  • 'Operation Spamalot' Targets E-Mail on Stocks
    Federal officials are cracking down on e-mail spam that urges people to buy stocks in small, unknown companies. Thursday, regulators suspended trading in the stocks of 35 companies linked to spam campaigns. Officials say about 100 million e-mails, carrying subject lines such as "Fast Money" are sent by people who profit when a stock price jumps. But when the price falls, ordinary investors lose money.
  • 401 K Fees Get Congressional Attention
    If you have a 401-K retirement account, you may be paying more in fees than you think. So say pension experts who spoke on Capitol Hill this week. Over time, the fees paid can personal retirement savings by tens of thousands of dollars.
  • A Big Bunch of Billionaires Join 'Forbes' List
    The growing global economy has added many new members to Forbes magazine's annual list of the richest people in the world. The list of billionaires has swelled to 946, with 200 newcomers. Bill Gates is still on top.

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