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Friday, March 6, 2009

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  • Obama: Crushing Health Care Costs Must Be Fixed
    President Obama invited more than 120 people to the White House Forum on Health Reform on Thursday. The participants have a wide range of views on how to fix the system. Obama told everyone to keep an "open mind." He added to get the federal budget under control, the "crushing cost of health care" must be addressed this year by this administration.
  • Who's Paying To Overhaul Nation's Health System?
    One measure of President Obama's commitment to health care overhaul can be found in his budget. The administration's 10-year spending plan includes more than $630 billion to help cover the cost of expanding coverage and improving care. But some members of Congress, including Democrats, are challenging the president's plan to raise that money.
  • Mexican Journalist Asks For Asylum In U.S.
    As Mexico's drug war grinds on, the number of Mexicans requesting asylum in the U.S. has more than doubled. Political asylum is usually reserved for refugees claiming religious or political persecution, or fear of torture. But newspaper reporter Emilio Gutierrez Soto says the military has threatened to kill him.
  • Comics Heroes Who Should've Stayed On The Page
    If you're a comics fan, this is the weekend you've been looking forward to — Watchmen finally hits the big screen. Critic Kenneth Turan says the long wait was hardly worth it.
  • Clinton To Meet Russian Counterpart In Geneva
    As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton winds down her latest trip abroad, she turns her attention to Russia. Clinton discussed relations with Moscow at a NATO meeting in Belgium Thursday. She's meeting her Russian counterpart in Geneva on Friday to try to capitalize on an apparent warming in U.S.-Russian relations.
  • Activists Out As Calif. Court Weighs Gay Marriage
    California's ban on gay marriage is in the hands of the state's Supreme Court. In San Francisco Thursday, Proposition 8 was sliced and diced by an array of attorneys who called the measure illegal. But there were also plenty of defenders who said Prop 8 represents the will of the people. The case attracted a crowd of thousands outside the courthouse.
  • Aging Satellites Threaten Climate Research Future
    Many of the U.S. satellites that collect climate change data were launched in the 1990s. With replacement satellites years away, the United States faces a big data gap when the current orbiters go out of service. It's like sitting on the edge of a cliff, says one climate researcher.
  • IRS To Drop Private Debt Collection Program
    The Internal Revenue Service says it's ending the controversial practice of outsourcing tax collection to private debt collectors. The IRS started using private companies in 2006, mostly to bring in small undisputed debts. IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman cited an independent study showing that in-house tax collection costs less. Shulman said he's hiring more than a thousand new tax collectors this year.
  • Citigroup Stock Trades Below $1
    Shares of Citigroup traded below the $1 mark for the first time in the company's history. The financial services company used to be worth $57 a share. If it can't get its share price back above $1, it eventually will be de-listed from the stock exchange and become just another penny stock.
  • Mattel Hopes Shanghai Is A Barbie World
    As Barbie celebrates turning 50, toymaker Mattel has spent millions on the world's first House of Barbie. The six-story, hot-pink shrine to the 11 1/2 inch doll is built around a wall of a thousand Barbies, each adorned in her own specially designed fuchsia dress.

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