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Morning Edition
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • President ObamaMinnesotans, like politicians, disagree over health care bill
    As President Barack Obama tries to kick start health care reform in a bi-partisan summit Thursday, Minnesotan's hopes and dreams for what they would like to see in the bill are similar to politicians hopes for the same legislation: varied.7:20 a.m.
  • Juan Alameda and his daughtersOne man's fight for citizenship
    Some 8,000 people are currently in deportation proceedings in Minnesota. Every year, some of them claim to be U.S. citizens. One man spent a year in jail trying to prove it.7:46 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Analysts: Toyota Hearing Left Unanswered Questions
    After weeks of recalls and stumbles, the scion of the Toyota family spoke directly to the American people about the company's greatest crisis in the United States. Auto industry observers say he did a good job conveying his concern for customers but left other critical questions unanswered.
  • Japanese Say Akio Toyoda Showed Sincerity
    The Toyota scandal is being watched in Japan — especially testimony by the automaker's president Akio Toyoda in a Congressional hearing on Wednesday. Toyoda's grandfather founded the company. Harumi Ozawa, a reporter with AFP, tells Steve Inskeep that the Japanese public seems to be behind Toyoda because his actions seem sincere.
  • Health Changes: Incremental Or Comprehensive?
    As President Obama sits down with Congressional leaders to talk about health care, one big dividing line between Democrats and Republicans is how ambitious they are about changing the existing system. The GOP mantra has been that the U.S. should proceed "step by step." The Obama administration argues that the most important steps only work in combination.
  • High Court Loosens Rule On Questioning Suspects
    The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a suspect's request for a lawyer is good for only 14 days after he is released from police custody. The ruling comes in the case of a Maryland man who was convicted of sexually abusing his 3-year-old son.
  • As Leno Goes Late Again, Is His Brand Still Strong?
    The host's affable-uncle persona may have taken on some tarnish during the high-profile battle over NBC's Tonight Show and its time slot. But will it damage his performance once he's back where many fans think he belongs?
  • India, Pakistan Hold First Talks In 15 Months
    Senior Indian and Pakistani officials held wide-ranging talks in New Delhi Thursday. The discussions were put on hold after the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai. A band of militants sailed from Pakistan and rampaged through India's commercial capital. U.S. officials are pressing the two sides to end their 63-year dispute.
  • Opposition Crackdown In Egypt Heats Up Before Polls
    Some 150 members of Egypt's largest opposition movement, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, are under arrest, with more arrests expected before elections later this year. Analysts say the detentions mark a clear escalation in Cairo's hostility toward the group.
  • Greek Workers Unhappy With Austerity Measures
    Thousands of civil servants marched through the streets of Athens Wednesday — the latest sign of resistance to the Greek government's austerity program. The Socialist government blames its predecessors for the country's massive debts, and has launched a public inquiry to find out what went wrong.
  • Google Case In Italy Raises Web Freedom Concerns
    An Italian court has convicted three current and former Google executives on privacy violations. The judge held them criminally responsible for an online video of a disabled teenager being bullied. Google says it will appeal the convictions. The case was closely followed for its implications concerning Internet freedom in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.
  • Rick Astley Is Back On YouTube
    A popular Internet joke is Rickrolling. It's a harmless prank that tricks people into clicking on an Internet link. It takes you to a YouTube video of 80s pop singer Rick Astley performing Never Gonna Give You Up. The video disappeared on Wednesday. Seems someone had flagged the video as spam, so YouTube took it down. But it's back now.

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