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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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  • Mexico's 'Crisis Of Disappearance': Families Seek Answers
    More than 60,000 people have died in Mexico's war on drugs over the past six years. But that statistic tells only part of the story. Human-rights groups say thousands more, as many as 25,000 people, have vanished — many at the hands of Mexico's security forces.
  • Defense Cuts May No Longer Be Political Sacred Cow
    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said the looming automatic spending cuts will damage U.S. national security. But the warnings don't appear to be moving the needle with lawmakers or the American public.
  • American Tech Workers Challenge H-1B Visa Story
    Two days ago, Morning Edition aired a story about the H-1B program which grants temporary work visas to foreigners with special skills like computer programming. In the story, it was reported that employers have to show they tried to recruit Americans first. But as it turns out, many companies bypass American applicants.
  • Secret Menus Give Restaurants A Not-So-Secret Boost
    Secret menus aren't new, but more restaurants are trying them out in order to set themselves apart and increase sales. Panera Bread, for instance, has rolled out a new secret menu with low-carb, health-conscious options to appeal to a new group of customers.
  • New York Times Co. To Sell 'Boston Globe'
    The company said it wanted to focus on The New York Times — its flagship newspaper. The Times bought the Globe for a record $1.1 billion in 1993.
  • An Indonesian Extremist Trades Rifle For Spatula
    Between 2002 and 2009, homegrown Indonesian militants staged deadly attacks almost yearly. The story of one former terrorist-turned-chef — and his unrealized dreams of global jihad — help illustrate why terrorism hasn't flourished in the Muslim-majority country.
  • Egyptian Women Speak Out Against Sexual Violence At Protests
    In Egypt, sexual violence against women is on the rise. It has become a chronic problem in a state where security is breaking down and mass protests are not policed. And as the number of assaults increase, many women say they will no longer be silent.
  • Google Invites Ideas For Its High-Tech Eyewear
    Google says it will select several thousand "Glass Explorers" to test drive its augmented technology eyewear. The company is running a contest to find "bold, creative" people with imaginative ideas about how they would use the technology.
  • Amid Lawsuits, Aereo Brings Broadcast TV To The Internet
    Backed by broadcasting powerhouse Barry Diller, a new service picks up broadcast TV signals and makes them available over the Web — and the TV networks don't like that one bit. Currently available only in New York City, Aereo is planning to expand ... if it makes it through the legal challenges.
  • Sony Shows Off Playstation 4 Controller
    Sony has sold about 77 million PlayStation 3s since its launch in 2006, starting at $500 each. The new model is expected to be cheaper, and it should be available in time for the holidays. The company says the PlayStation 4 will focus on social networking features and cloud-based games.

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