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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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  • Obama To Sign Stimulus Bill In Colorado
    President Obama will be in Colorado to sign the economic stimulus bill on Tuesday. The visit kicks off another week in which Obama will spend most of his time outside the nation's capital. He's trying to keep the focus on the economic impact and not on Washington politics.
  • Congressman Explains Vote Switch On Stimulus
    Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon initially voted for the House stimulus bill. However, he reversed his decision and last week voted against the package. DeFazio tells Steve Inskeep he opposed the $300 billion in tax cuts and wanted more spending on things such as education and infrastructure.
  • New Delhi Motorists Drive With Their Ears
    If you're not enjoying your commute this morning, we offer this consolation: It could be worse. You could be driving in India. Motorists in India like to honk their horns to alert other drivers. One man is trying to reform drivers' behavior.
  • Spain Cuts Down On Traffic Deaths
    Drivers in Spain were once considered to be among the most dangerous in Europe, but they seem to be getting better. Traffic deaths in Spain have dropped by around 30 percent in recent years. Part of the reason could be tougher point-based driving laws.
  • Is The Bad Economy Tarnishing Gem Show?
    Every February, gem traders gather in Tucson, Ariz., for one of the world's largest industry shows. Traditionally, it's where prices and fashion trends are set for the year. What effect has the economic slowdown had on the sparkly things? Traders are cutting back and looking for bargains. One segment of the gem trade appears to be strong: big, rare or unusual stones for investment.
  • N.Y. Archdiocese Cuts Funding To 10 Schools
    Catholic schools across the country are in trouble. Changes in demographics, finances and religious life are part of the picture. Now the New York Archdiocese is telling 10 Catholic high schools that church funding will be a thing of the past. Local boards will fundraise, set budgets and tuition. Whether it will work is unclear, but other Catholic communities have done this with success.
  • Yes, We Still Need Black History Month
    With a black president now in the White House, some are asking if it's time to retire Black History Month. But commentator John Ridley says it's still relevant because, even in 2009, most schools do a poor job of integrating black history into their curriculum.
  • Motorcyclists Retrace Voting Rights Trail In Ala.
    One milestone in black history was commemorated over the weekend by motorcyclists. About 200 members of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club retraced the 1965 voting rights trail on which Martin Luther King Jr. led thousands of civil rights activists from Selma to Montgomery, Ala.
  • GM, Chrysler And Trump Casinos Seek Assistance
    GM and Chrysler must submit restructuring plans to the Treasury Department to justify the billions of dollars in loans they have received so far. And, Donald Trump's casino group Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
  • Youngstown, Ohio: The Rust Belt's Silicon Valley?
    In the Rust Belt city of Youngstown, Ohio, a high-tech incubator is producing successful software companies. Nearly 300 people are working for a cluster of companies that have huddled together to create cutting-edge products. Even in this extremely depressed area, in the midst of a deep recession, entrepreneurship is flourishing and creating jobs.

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