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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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  • Obama Defends Egypt Policy, Proposed Budget Cuts
    President Obama held a White House news conference to defended his proposed budget cuts Tuesday. He warned Republicans about shutting down the government. He also pushed back against criticism that his message and strategy on Egypt had been less than clear.
  • House GOP Gives Budget Director Lew A Tough Time
    Republicans on Capitol Hill are not impressed with President Obama's deficit-trimming. Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said the president had punted instead of getting the nation's fiscal house in order. Democrats on the panel defended the budget — one called its social spending cuts "tough love."
  • Climate Change And Faith Collide In Kiribati
    Scientists are predicting that average sea levels could rise as much as 3 feet by the end of the century. However, the country's deep religious beliefs have residents of the tiny island nation in the Pacific Ocean torn between God and science.
  • Obama Budget Slashes Clean Diesel Funding
    President Obama's proposed budget calls for cutting all funding for a popular EPA program that retrofits diesel trucks and buses to cut harmful emissions. The Clean Diesel program is a rare environmental program that attracted bipartisan support, and the decision to eliminate funding was a big surprise.
  • A Friend Calls, And A Best Friend Moves To Help
    When military parents are deployed overseas, it's often up to the other parent, or a family member, to care for their children. But what happens when there's no family around to help? For Navy operations specialist Sheena Sullen, that meant calling on an old friend.
  • Bahrain Protesters Demand Political Changes
    In Bahrain, the funeral of another protester could lead to more trouble for the government. Protesters say the Sunni leadership denies the Shiite majority decent housing, health care and government jobs.
  • Egypt's Youth Groups Struggle To Find One Voice
    New divisions are emerging both within and among the youth movements that fought to topple Hosni Mubarak. While the military remains firmly in charge, the groups that participated in the revolution have a new challenge to find a central leadership.
  • Dell Reports Income More Than Doubled
    Dell said its profits surged to record levels in the fourth quarter. Those profits came as the company's revenues shot up more than $8.5 billion last year, compared to a year earlier. It's the largest single year increase in the company's history.
  • Apple Unveils App Store Subscription Service; Not Everyone Is Thrilled
    Apple's new service will allow for one-click subscription to magazines, audio and video services. But Apple wants to take 30 percent of each subscription and that might mean a shake-up for some subscription services.
  • A Fading Aura For Arizona's Spiritual Tourism
    A self-help guru goes on trial this week for manslaughter after three people died during an event he hosted at a sweat lodge near Sedona, Ariz. Following that deadly spiritual retreat, tourists have retreated from the area's mecca of spiritual energy — but it's unclear whether the tragedy or the tough economy is to blame.

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