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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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  • Bush Looks to Past, Future in State of the Union
    In his final State of the Union address, President Bush reviews the major policies of his years in office, urges patience on Iraq and calls for Congress to pass a tax-rebate package.
  • Response to Bush Speech Mixed on Capitol Hill
    President Bush's final State of the Union address prompts praise from Republicans and a lukewarm reaction from many Democrats.
  • Hearing Things: When Sounds Come Unbidden
    We are all, to some extent, human jukeboxes. And while hit tunes or ad jingles sometimes stick too long, for the most part we control what's inside our heads. But what happens when a person loses control?
  • Opposition Lawmaker Gunned Down in Kenya
    Gunmen operating in the chaos of Kenya's post-election violence have killed an opposition member of Kenya's parliament, prompting opposition leader Raila Odinga to warn that the country may be headed toward anarchy.
  • Breaking Down the Women's Vote
    While some issues divide women along party lines (including the war in Iraq), concerns about the economy and health care unite a key demographic in the 2008 presidential race. So say Rep. Kay Granger, a Republican from Texas, and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake.
  • Cell Phone Reads to the Blind
    A new cell phone offers the smallest text-to-speech reading device ever built, a device especially useful for people with impaired vision. The phone and software come with a $2,000 price tag.
  • Fed Set to Ponder Another Rate Cut
    As the U.S. Federal Reserve begins a regularly scheduled two-day meeting Tuesday, one question looms: Will continued concern over the economy prompt another cut in interest rates?
  • Embattled Countrywide CEO to Trim 'Parachute'
    The chief executive of the ailing mortgage lender Countrywide Financial says he will forfeit more than $37 million in severance pay and perks that were part of a retirement package. The Securities and Exchange Commission is probing Angelo Mozilo's sales of company stock.
  • EU Economic Powers Discuss Financial Markets
    The leaders of the four largest economies in the European Union meet in London on Tuesday amid concerns over chaotic financial markets. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will host the gathering.
  • Mini-Motel: A Home Away from Home
    It's made for travelers stranded by airport delays or students who want dorm privacy. The Mini Motel has an air mattress, reading light, alarm clock, pillow and a canopy with a frame, all for $39.95. Sound like a fancy tent? That's exactly what it is.

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