Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Monday, January 28, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Creating a mantelUnwanted urban trees become retail gold at Mpls. wood shop
    When crews must cut down trees after an infestation, the wood is normally chipped up and burned. But some are being salvaged and reused along with many other unwanted urban trees at Wood from the Hood in Minneapolis, another outpost in the trend toward all things local.6:20 a.m.
  • Creative KidstuffOnline sales taxes may form part of Minn. revenue pie
    A broader sales tax that will bring in about $1 billion in additional revenue a year is a cornerstone of Gov. Mark Dayton's proposed state budget. The governor is also considering hundreds of millions of dollars in sales taxes that go uncollected because the transactions take place online.6:53 a.m.
  • Mark DaytonDayton budget would boost school-based mental health funding
    State lawmakers begin debate on DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's budget this week. Among the many proposals: the governor wants to double state funding for mental health programs in schools. The new money would pay for independent mental health professionals to support existing school programs.7:20 a.m.
  • Minnesota Legislature preview for week of Jan. 28
    Tim Pugmire is keeping track of all the budget drama and he joins MPR's Phil Picardi this morning for an update.7:40 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • French-Led Forces Poised To Retake Timbuktu
    In the West African nation of Mali, French-led forces are close to taking back the ancient city of Timbuktu from al-Qaida-linked extremists. Renee Montagne talks to Al Jazeera correspondent Jacky Rowland, who is embedded with French soldiers.
  • Syrian Opposition Fears Waning Western Support
    After prodding the Syrian opposition to reorganize into a more inclusive organization, the Obama administration has failed to support the group. France, Britain and other allies of the opposition are channeling their humanitarian aid for Syria through the new coalition. There is a legal impediment holding up U.S. action.
  • How One Man Tried To Slim Down Big Soda From The Inside
    Public health expert Derek Yach surprised nutrition advocates when he joined PepsiCo six years ago. He got the company to cut salt, sugar and fat from some popular products like chips and soda. But critics say he did more harm than good.
  • Journalist Stanley Karnow Dies At 87
    Stanley Karnow, one of the greats of American journalism, died on Sunday at the age of 87. He was a correspondent for Time Magazine and The Washington Post.
  • Beyond Portlandia: Subaru Drives For America's Heartland
    The Japanese carmaker aims to expand its markets to other states after much success in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast. "They don't have to be everything to everyone; they have to be something to someone," says Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at Consumer Reports.
  • No Mercy For Robots: Experiment Tests How Humans Relate To Machines
    To understand how social rules affect the interactions between humans and machines, scientists re-created a famous psychology experiment using robots. What they found is that if robots are nice to us, we're nice to them. If they're not, we "punish" them.
  • Business News: Barnes & Noble, Chinese Gaming
    Barnes & Noble plans to close up to a third of its stores over the next decade, according a report in The Wall Street Journal. And in China, the state-run China Daily reports the country is considering lifting its ban on video game consoles.
  • Federal Agency Funds New Energy Technologies
    Renee Montagne talks to Cheryl Martin, deputy director of the Energy Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Modeled after the Defense Department's research program, ARPA-E provides grants to researchers developing cutting edge energy technologies that are too early for private sector investment.
  • Viral Video On YouTube Leads To Scholarship
    The video showed an eagle swooping down and snatching up a baby in a park. The video was a project made at a design school in Montreal. When the school realized the clip was going viral, it activated an AdSense account on YouTube, which gives the school money every time someone watches it it.
  • Bipartisan Group Agrees To Overhauling Immigration
    The proposal would include a pathway to citizenship for millions of people now in the United States illegally. Republicans have led the opposition to that change up to now, commonly calling it amnesty.

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