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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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  • Security Lapses Blamed For Russian Airport Blast
    Russia is picking up the pieces after an attack at its busiest airport Monday. At least 35 people are dead, after what authorities believe was a suicide bombing in the arrivals area at Domodedovo Airport outside Moscow.
  • What's Next For Iran Nuclear Talks?
    At just-concluded talks, international proposals centered on ways in which Iran could help weapons inspectors resolve questions about its nuclear activities; and the Tehran research reactor fuel swap. But Iran insisted sanctions be lifted and the world recognize its right to enrich uranium.
  • Manufacturing Is Vital Component To U.S. Economy
    Dow Chemical Company CEO Andrew Liveris argues America needs to reinvent its manufacturing base. Liveris talks to Steve Inskeep about his new book Make it in America: The Case for Re-Inventing the Economy.
  • Emanuel To Appeal Residency Requirement Ruling
    Officials in Chicago begin printing ballots Tuesday for next month's city elections, and those ballots will not include the name of Rahm Emanuel. The former White House chief of staff and front-runner in the race for Chicago Mayor, has been knocked off the ballot by an Illinois appeals court. It ruled Emanuel does not meet the residency requirement.
  • Democrats Stopped The Clock. Will They Alter Rules?
    The Senate is back in session Tuesday after a break, but it's still the same legislative day that began Jan. 5. Democrats have ground time to a halt so they can try to change the rules regarding filibusters.
  • Wanda Jackson: Her Party Ain't Over
    More than 50 years after bursting onto the music scene, the Queen of Rockabilly is updating her sound. Teaming up with The White Stripes' Jack White, Jackson shows she's still got it on her new album, The Party Ain't Over.
  • Food Prices Rise Around The World
    The United Nations' food agency warns the world is nearing a food crisis. Prices are going up, and the U.N. is calling for rules to curb speculation in grain and other commodity markets. In the U.S., McDonald's reportedly is raising some of its prices.
  • J.C. Penney To Close Catalog Business, Outlets
    J.C. Penney shares rose on news the giant retailer plans to close about 25 "underperforming" stores and wind down its catalog business. The company is struggling to boost profits amid stiff competition.
  • Sam's Club To Offer Health Screenings For $99
    For less than $100 a year, a member of Sam's Club can get a personalized health prevention plan. They also get two health coaching sessions, access to a 24/7 nurse hotline and online health tracking tools. It's the latest effort by Walmart, which owns Sam's Club, to push further into the health field.
  • Issue 587 Kills Off One Of The 'Fantastic Four'
    The "Fantastic Four" have been around for 50 years. In Issue 587, which goes on sale Tuesday, one of the team dies.

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