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Thursday, December 3, 2009

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  • McChrystal: U.S. Forces To Partner With Afghans
    The top American commander in Afghanistan spent a second day briefing Afghan government officials about how President Obama's new strategy will play out there. Gen. Stanley McChrystal says his main goal is to pair the additional U.S. and NATO troops with Afghan soldiers and police officers. McChrystal says this will speed the handover of the country's security responsibilities to Afghans, which if President Obama has his way, would begin in 18 months.
  • Jones: Afghan Strategy Is Comprehensive
    National Security Adviser Jim Jones talks to Steve Inskeep about President Obama's new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. Jones also discusses the implications the plan will have on U.S. goals in the region.
  • Does Creating Jobs Mean Creating More Debt?
    The White House is hosting a jobs summit Thursday to collect ideas about how to put people back to work. Since pushing for the stimulus package earlier this year, the president has been hesitant about spending a lot more money to create jobs. He's caught in a tug of war between those worried about rising unemployment and a rising federal deficit.
  • Two Restaurants Combine In Tough Economy
    A breakfast joint and pizzeria in Springfield, Mo., share restaurant space to cut costs. At lunchtime, the aromas of frying bacon and bubbling pizza sauce mingle.
  • Congress Joins Mammography Debate
    Efforts are under way to expand the scope of evidence-based medicine as part of an attempt to rein in health care costs. Congress is still meddling in medical decisions, such as the new guidelines on mammograms. Wednesday's discussions by a House panel on routine mammograms got tangled with the issue of health care overhaul.
  • Californians Are Mixed On Afghan War Strategy
    Across California, political liberals who helped elect President Obama heard him make the case for broadening the war in Afghanistan. They've responded with mixed feelings: radical opposition, disappointment and support. Some say the president's choice was the best one among many bad choices.
  • Professor: Jihadist Threat Is Bigger Than Afghanistan
    One analyst watching the new Afghan strategy with some disappointment is Andrew Bacevich, a foreign policy specialist at Boston University who is a Vietnam veteran and whose son was killed in Iraq. Bacevich tells Steve Inskeep that the jihadist threat is transnational, and the U.S. staying in Afghanistan won't solve the problem.
  • Comcast To Buy Controlling Stake In NBC
    After months of negotiations, Comcast and General Electric announced a deal Thursday giving Comcast control of NBC Universal. GE wants to sell its TV and entertainment unit so it can concentrate on its core manufacturing businesses.
  • Bank Of America To Repay Bailout Funds
    Bank of America says it plans to repay the government bailout funds it received during the credit crisis and after it purchased Merrill Lynch & Co. The move would allow Bank of America, which is trying to recruit a new CEO, to free itself from government restrictions on executive pay that come along with bailout funds.
  • Potholes And Repairs? Boston Has An App For That
    Cities are getting into the business of developing iPhone apps. Boston has created a Citizens Connect app as a way to make a one-touch kvetch about anything from potholes to broken streetlights. Users snap a photo, and the location's coordinates automatically embed in the photo.

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