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Monday, December 3, 2007

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National Public Radio Stories

  • Iowa Town Feels Impact of Immigration Debate
    Iowa voters hold the nation's first presidential caucuses one month from now. A visit to Marshalltown, Iowa, shows the deep impact that immigration — one of the key issues in the presidential campaign — has on everyday lives.
  • Germany Funds Child Care
    Germany has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe. But the government is hoping to increase the number of births by spending billions of dollars on a plan to triple by 2013 the number of child care spaces available for kids under age 3.
  • New England's Famed Stone Walls in Demand
    The weathered stone walls crisscrossing New England's landscape are disappearing. Not only are thieves taking some stones, but homeowners are also selling some. Demand is so high that ads are often in newspapers. The walls are remnants of an agricultural past.
  • Iris Scanning Tracks Sex Offenders
    Law enforcement officials are tracking sex offenders with a futuristic biometric tool: iris scanning. Jurisdictions in seven states are experimenting with technology that takes a picture of an offender's iris and stores it in a national database where it can be used to identify them.
  • Climate Experts Mull Payment to Stop Deforestation
    Climate experts are trying to come up with new ways to cut emissions of greenhouse gases after the current international climate treaty expires in 2012. One proposal is to pay developing countries to stop cutting down trees. The experts are gathering in Bali, Indonesia.
  • Harnessing the Power of the Gulf Stream
    Florida researchers will soon test a concept that has long been dreamed of: harnessing the ocean's seemingly limitless power as a source of electricity. They are developing underwater turbines to tap the energy of the Gulf Stream.
  • Vivendi to Buy Activision
    French media conglomerate Vivendi says it plans to buy a controlling stake in U.S. video game maker Activision. The deal is worth nearly $10 billion. If regulators approve it, Vivendi would go from being a minor player, to the giant in the $40 billion international game industry.
  • Big Flat-Panel TV Sets in Big Demand
    Flat-panel television sets are due to outsell models with picture tubes by more than seven to one this year. Inch for inch, the price of flat screens is coming down. But instead of pocketing the savings, many consumers are upgrading to ever-larger sets.
  • Digital Technology Alters Media Listening, Viewing
    Digital technology is changing music and video experiences. Independent record label Sub Pop Records launches an MP3 store while networks and filmmakers release entire episodes and exclusive films online.
  • Oldest Rolls Royce Set for Auction
    The world's oldest Rolls Royce is up for auction in Britain. The two-seater, built in 1904, still runs. It was the fourth car to come off the line after Charles Rolls and Henry Royce began building cars. The starting price for the 103-year-old model is 1 million pounds, about $2 million.

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