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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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  • Election Day Update: Iowa
    Today is Election Day 2007, a year from the quadrennial election when voters choose the 44th president of the United States. The early primary and caucus states are gearing up. Iowa will be the very first test for 2008, coming on Jan. 3. Traditionally, Iowa is the place that thins the field.
  • Election Day Update: New Hampshire
    The New Hampshire primaries are expected to take place on Jan. 8, shortly after the Iowa Caucuses. Sen. Hillary Clinton is the favored candidate but independent voters are a wildcard that might give Sen. Barack Obama a leg up.
  • Election Day Update: Nevada
    Voters in Nevada will caucus on Jan. 19. President Bush carried the state twice, but Democrats think that next year things might be different. It will be the first time Nevada will be one of the early states. It is quiet on the Republican front though as candidates have made few visits and lack offices there.
  • Election Day Update: South Carolina
    South Carolina primaries are traditionally telling of national outcomes. Democrats see it as the place where either Sen. Barack Obama or John Edwards can cement their claim as the alternative to front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton. Historically the Republican who wins there wins the nomination.
  • Toddlers and Robots Teach Scientists
    Scientists deploy a sophisticated robot into a preschool classroom in San Diego. They are trying to see what it would take for toddlers to accept the robot as a social peer.
  • Writers Guild Strike Forces Reruns for Late Night TV
    Members of the Writers Guild of America, some 12,000 writers for television and movies, are on strike. Nightly comedy shows such as the Daily Show were the first affected. At issue is how income from new media platforms will be divided. November is sweeps month.
  • Grizzly Bear: An Old 'House,' a New 'Friend'
    Last year, the band Grizzly Bear earned the acclaim of critics with Yellow House, recorded in and inspired by the childhood home of frontman Ed Droste. The Brooklyn band's songs are warm and comfortable, yet somehow strange and new.
  • Mexicans Missing, Homeless After Flood, Landslide
    A wave of mud and water engulfs a village in the Chiapas. So far, about a dozen people are missing and feared dead. In neighboring Tabasco, thousands of residents are homeless after flood waters covered almost the entire state.
  • French President Sarkozy Heads to the U.S.
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy comes to Washington, marking the first official visit to the U.S. by a French head of state since 2001, just before the two nations split over the war in Iraq. But Sarkozy is known to be pro-American.
  • Iraq Set to Hang Three from Saddam Era
    Iraq is due to hang three men who ranked in Saddam Hussein's regime. They had roles in the massacre of thousands of Iraqi Kurds in the 1980s. But there are fears that hanging former Gen. Sultan Hashim could inflame sectarian tensions and alienate Sunni tribes now working with U.S. forces.

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