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Thursday, October 22, 2009

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  • Opponents Try To Undo Health Bill Deals
    While members of the House and Senate struggle to put together health care overhaul bills on Capitol Hill, elsewhere in Washington, others are trying to take apart some of the deals already cut with top health care industry groups. Patient advocates and others say lawmakers have given away too much to health care special interests.
  • Cancer Society Clarifies Screening Guidelines
    A new article in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that breast and prostate cancer screenings are turning up more innocuous cancers, but the screenings are not significantly reducing the number of deadly cancers. The American Cancer Society is clarifying its guidelines on screenings. Steve Inskeep talks to Dr. Otis Brawley, an oncologist and chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, about the organization's advice.
  • Extremists Vow To Turn Pakistan Into A War Zone
    Gunmen on a motorcycle assassinated a senior Pakistani army officer as his jeep was driving through the capital Islamabad in the middle of the day. The incident comes as government troops are engaged in fierce fighting with militants in a Taliban sanctuary: the tribal area of South Waziristan along the border with Afghanistan.
  • Waziristan Offensive Creates More Pakistani Refugees
    Pakistan's latest offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan is displacing a new wave of refugees. Sebastian Brack, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Islamabad, talks with Steve Inskeep about those who've fled their homes because of the conflict.
  • Chicago Mayor Proposes Cuts In 2010 Budget
    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has unveiled his 2010 budget which includes cuts that could end popular festivals. The city has an estimated $520 million budget shortfall. With higher taxes off the table, cutbacks in city services are certain.
  • First-Time Fakes: Frauds Hit Homebuyer Tax Break
    Thousands of people have gotten first-time homebuyer tax credits they don't deserve — either because they haven't yet bought a home or because they already own one. The IRS's internal watchdog says the agency needs to do a better job of ferreting out fraud before cutting checks.
  • Executive Pay To Be Cut At Bailed Out Firms
    The Obama administration is set to dramatically cut compensation for top executives at the seven firms that received the most government bailout money. Some companies that received bailout money will continue to pay their executives large sums, but those are the ones that already have paid the government back. The administration pay czar Kenneth Feinberg will unveil a plan in the next few days.
  • 'Mad Men' Suits Sold At Brooks Brothers
    Brooks Brothers is offering 250 limited edition suits based on the cable show Mad Men. The grey suit is an early 1960s style design. The cost is $998.
  • China's Economy Grows, But Can It Last?
    New statistics show that China's economic recovery is picking up. The figures released Thursday show that China's economy grew by 8.9 percent in the third quarter, the fastest pace of growth for a year. But analysts worry that the momentum may fade.
  • Good Riddance Vista, Hello Windows 7
    Microsoft's newest operating system goes on sale Thursday. Windows 7 already has scored points for being a better operating system than its predecessor Vista because it's easier to use and control.

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