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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • The debatersSparks fly at 5th District debate
    The three major party candidates for the 5th Congressional District seat met for a debate Tuesday evening at a St. Louis Park synagogue. DFLer Keith Ellison, Republican Alan Fine and Independence Party candidate Tammy Lee were asked their views on health care, the war in Iraq and the United States' relationship with Israel.7:20 a.m.
  • Mesaba Saab turboprop aircraftAs Mesaba struggles, other carriers wait in the wings
    Mesaba Airlines' identity may be closely linked with Northwest Airlines, but to the major carriers, the regional airlines are simply vendors. If one fails, others are ready for the job.7:25 a.m.
  • "Kidnapped""Bird x Bird" takes wing
    Birds are everywhere, but how do we really see them? That's one of the issues explored by a growing group of artists known as "Bird x Bird."7:53 a.m.
  • Michele BachmannWatchdog group says Bachmann church visit violated IRS rules
    A watchdog group says a Brooklyn Park church violated its tax-exempt status when its pastor endorsed Michele Bachmann during a service Sunday.8:24 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Search for Food Dominates North Korean Lives
    North Koreans wake up each day thinking of only one thing: food. That's according to a man who left the country in 2000 and now lives in South Korea. In their search for food, the people of North Korea live with the fear of arrest and imprisonment by the government.
  • North Korea's Kim Jong-Il Skilled at Holding Power
    The popular image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il as a hard-drinking playboy is not accurate, according to The New York Times Magazine reporter Peter Maass. He tells Steve Inskeep that Kim is a hard worker with a knack for survival.
  • Connecting with Gut Values in 'Applebee's America'
    Political parties and campaigns are increasingly turning to corporate tactics to win over voters. In a new book, Applebee's America, former presidential political strategists say successful candidates must make a "gut values" connection with voters.
  • Names Cause Confusion in New Jersey House Race
    The candidates in one New Jersey house race are Jim Saxton and Rich Sexton. The similarity between their names is causing some confusion.
  • Fish Monitors Water for Contamination
    America's war on terrorism has a new foot soldier. But it doesn't actually have feet. A hyper-sensitive little fish is a key part of a high-tech system for monitoring public water supplies.
  • South Dakota to Vote on Ending Judicial Protections
    South Dakotans will vote next month on a proposed state constitutional amendment that would strip judges, jurors, and other state officials, of their immunity from lawsuits for their official actions. The proposal has alarmed not only judges, but also large swathes of South Dakota society.
  • Producer Prices Fall with Drop in Energy Costs
    The latest Consumer Price Index numbers are due, one day after producer prices were reported to have fallen sharply. The drop in producer prices stems largely from sizeable declines in gasoline and energy prices.
  • Pay Helps Keep Workers at Western Burger Chain
    The In-N-Out burger chain stands out among fast-food companies by offering starting wages of $9.50 an hour. Those relatively high wages haven't hurt the company, which has loyal customers in three western states.
  • Wall Street Workers Average $300,000 in Pay
    A new report from the New York Comptroller's Office says the average Wall Street worker earned nearly $300,000 last year. That's five times what an average New York City worker made.
  • Voters Tell Washington that Ethics Matter
    In typical election years, scandal stories stick only to those right in the middle of the problem. But there's nothing typical about this year. And likely voters are saying that ethics do matter.

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