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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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  • Shooting Of Teenage Girl Stirs Debate In Pakistan
    Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai has been airlifted to Britain after being shot in the head by the Taliban. She has been advocating for the education of girls in the Swat Valley, where the Pakistani Taliban had banned girls from going to school.
  • Turks Fear What Syria's War Will Bring
    The Turkish government has turned against Syria, but for the Turkish people who live along the Syrian border, it can be complicated. Many have relatives and other ties in northern Syria, and don't see a happy ending to the violence there.
  • Debate Preview: Romney Aide On How GOP Nominee Would Confront Iran
    The Republican nominee's campaign says the Obama administration has sent mixed signals. President Obama's top aides say that's not so. That's likely to again be a point of disagreement during Tuesday's debate.
  • Umpire Calls Are A Problem In Baseball's Post Play
    The Detroit Tigers have a chance to put the reeling New York Yankees on the brink of elimination. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants have slowed the St. Louis Cardinals, who'd been playing with the kind of magic touch that carried them to last year's World Series title.
  • Vets Seek Specifics On How Candidates Would Help
    Military veterans across the country have a whole range of concerns this election season, from the high rate of suicide to special challenges for female vets. But like everyone else, they're especially concerned with health care and jobs.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Passes Quietly, 50 Years Later
    The crisis brought the world as close as it's ever been to nuclear war, when the Soviet Union deployed dozens of nuclear weapons in Cuba. On that island nation, where those tense 13 days are known as the October Crisis, the event is being marked in a low-key way.
  • Calendar Check: Black Friday Is Getting Closer
    Black Friday is more than a month away but companies are already announcing significant seasonal hiring plans. The National Retail Federation says it expects strong holiday sales this year. Amazon has announced it's hiring 50,000 workers, and will keep thousands on after the holidays.
  • Manufacturers Financially Support Hiring Vets
    Four major manufacturers say they would offer financial support for training military veterans. The unnamed amount will go toward a program called Get Skills to Work Coalition, which has set its initial goal at training 15,000 vets.
  • Bank Of America Improves Foreclosure Image
    Bank of America will release quarterly earnings on Wednesday, and once again, foreclosures will be part of the equation. The Charlotte-based bank's handling of the housing crash upset a lot of people. And yet, some of those closest to the foreclosure mess are softening toward the bank.
  • Snoop Dogg Touts Hot Pockets
    Snoop Dogg — who announced his reincarnation as Snoop Lion over the summer — is the newest spokesman for the microwaveable processed turnovers. In 2004, he had a hit, "Drop It Like It's Hot." Now he sings "Pocket Like It's Hot."

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