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Friday, October 10, 2008

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  • Obama Puts Major Focus On New Mexico
    New Mexico's Hispanic voters helped put George Bush in the White House in 2004. Barack Obama's supporters are out in force to try to keep the state from going Republican again in 2008.
  • Complicated Reverse Auction May Aid In Bailout
    One key part of the $700 billion rescue plan requires the government to take "toxic assets" off the books of financial institutions. The Treasury Department has said it will use market mechanisms where possible, such as reverse auctions. But a reverse auction, in which the government agrees to purchase a specific number of assets at the lowest price, is complicated.
  • Crowe, DiCaprio Clash In Tale of Spies And 'Lies'
    Leonardo DiCaprio, as a CIA field agent, clashes with his spymaster, Russell Crowe, over methods and morals. Ridley Scott's direction is crisp, but this thriller is all surface, no intel.
  • North Korea-U.S. Nuclear Deal Unraveling
    The nuclear disarmament deal between North Korea and the United States appears to be unraveling. North Korea has banned U.N. inspectors from a nuclear weapons complex, and there are reports that it may be getting ready to test some short-range missiles.
  • Union Leader Confronts Race Issue In Campaign
    A top labor leader is making an unusually blunt pitch to working-class white voters in key battleground states. Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, urges members to ignore race and vote for Barack Obama.
  • Questions And Answers On Voting Rules
    As Election Day draws near, listeners and readers from around the country have been submitting questions about voting regulations. NPR's Pam Fessler answers some of those most frequently asked.
  • Confidence Crisis Plagues Markets
    Japan's Nikkei index lost nearly 10 percent Friday, following a plunge in U.S. stock prices. This week alone, the Japanese index has lost nearly 25 percent of its value. Other Asian stock markets also dropped Friday. In Europe, stock prices tumbled as the markets opened.
  • Investors Looking For Safety Abandon Mutual Funds
    Wall Street's meltdown is taking a huge toll on U.S.-managed mutual funds. Last month, investors pulled a record $72 billion from those funds and looked for safer places to stash their cash.
  • Listen While You Work: Who Does, And Why?
    What better place to listen to music than at work? Not every job allows a refreshing blast of music, but some demand it. Many workers get a kick out of sharing songs with their customers or coworkers, while others listen privately, if only to shut out the din.
  • Mother's Cookies Crumbles, Citing Credit Crunch
    Mother's Cookies, the company that makes the Circus Animal cookies with pink and white frosting and sprinkles, is shutting down. Founded 92 years ago in Oakland, Calif., it changed hands many times. Its owner filed for bankruptcy protection this week, citing the cost of raw materials and fuel plus difficulty finding credit.

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