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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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  • Bush Vetoes Child Health Care Bill
    Congress sends legislation expanding children's health-care coverage to the White House. But President Bush says the bill is too costly and has vowed a veto, setting up another showdown over congressional spending.
  • China Urged to Use Clout in Myanmar
    The crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Myanmar is prompting calls for China to intervene because of its support for Myanmar's military government. As with Sudan and North Korea, China comes under pressure to use diplomatic influence.
  • Loss in '94 Taught Romney to Fight Back
    Mitt Romney took on Edward Kennedy in the 1994 Massachusetts Senate race — and lost. But the defeat taught him an invaluable lesson: how to answer critics. The skill comes in handy now that he has switched his stance on the hot-button issue of abortion.
  • Bakery Run by Ex-Gang Members Reopens
    In Los Angeles, a bakery run by former gang members has reopened nearly a decade after the original one was destroyed by fire. It's part of Homeboy Industries, a rehabilitation program headed by Father Gregory Boyle, who's worked with young people from more than 600 street gangs in Los Angeles.
  • Pakistan's Musharraf Readies for Re-Election
    Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, is taking steps to smooth his way for re-election. He has named a successor as army chief — a role he will surrender. The election is a precursor to the real battle for Musharraf to hold power after the return of ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
  • Schools Aimed to Keep Afghan Boys from Militancy
    As it struggles with a Taliban insurgency, Afghanistan's government is building Islamic schools. It's an effort to keep Afghan families from sending their sons to religious schools with a more militant bent in neighboring Pakistan.
  • Verizon to Unveil Its Version of the iPhone
    Verizon Wireless is unveiling a new cell phone that may look familiar. The LG Voyager has a large touch screen, a Web browser, and direct access to Verizon's online music store. Sounds a lot like Apple's iPhone, which may be setting a new industry standard.
  • U.S. Auto Sales Fall Amid Fewer Fleet Sales
    September was another bad month for auto sales in the United States. The sales dip stems in part from worries about gas prices and falling housing values. But Detroit's automakers are pulling back from large fleet sales to rental-car companies.
  • NY Knicks to Pay $11.6M for Sexual Harassment
    A jury orders the owners of the NBA's New York Knicks to pay $11.6 million to a former team executive. The jury of four women and three men found that team officials, including coach Isiah Thomas, sexually harassed Anucha Browne Sanders.
  • Study: Office Trinkets Can Harm Career
    A University of Michigan study finds that too many personal items on your desk can hurt your professional image. If more than one in five items adorning your cubicle are personal, others may view you as unprofessional. Replace them with company memos, the study says.

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