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Monday, September 22, 2008

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  • Some Lawmakers Seek To Broaden Rescue Bill
    Bush administration officials want Congress to approve a $700 billion aid package for Wall Street, and they want it to happen soon. Democrats say they're willing to help shore up the financial markets, but they want a bill that includes relief for homeowners and taxpayers as well.
  • Professor: Current Crisis, Great Depression Differ
    As the country struggles with the current financial crisis, there have been the inevitable comparisons with the Great Depression. Marvin Goodfriend, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business in Pittsburgh, says that while people are comparing this financial crisis to the 1930s, there are some big differences.
  • Missile Defense System Aimed At Potential Threats
    A $60 billion missile defense system targets the potential threat from nations with intercontinental ballistic missile technology. Critics say much of the system will not work in the event of an actual attack.
  • Baseball Waves Goodbye To Yankee Stadium
    Yankee Stadium hosted its final game Sunday. The Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 7-3. The House That Ruth Built is 85 years old. The team is moving into a new stadium, but Yankees fans won't soon forget the old place.
  • Congress Urged To Back Nuclear Deal With India
    The Bush administration is pressing Congress to approve a nuclear cooperation deal with India. It's one of the top foreign policy goals of the White House. Some lawmakers are cautious, and not eager to ease a requirement that it should have 30 days to consider the deal before ratifying it.
  • Security Standoff In Iraqi City
    A dispute between two Iraqi security services is brewing in the eastern city of Khanaqin. A Kurdish group, loyal to the Kurdistan regional government, controls security into the city. Iraqi government troops are not being allowed to enter. The standoff has become so hostile that top Iraqi and U.S. military officials are trying to negotiate a solution.
  • Metamorphosis at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley
    To survive the economic meltdown, two major investment banks have decided to change their status to traditional commercial banks. The Federal Reserve approved the requests from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Sunday. Now the two titans will be able to accept deposits, which will give them more of a financial cushion in hard times.
  • Asian Markets Rally Over U.S. Bailout Plan
    The rally on overseas stock markets continued Monday, a positive reaction to the $700 billion U.S. plan to shore up the financial system.
  • Changing World Of Finance
    A lack of confidence is at the core of the current economic financial crisis. David Smick, a consultant to several large hedge funds and publisher of the quarterly newsletter International Economy explains how international banks and financial institutions are intertwined in the crisis.
  • Financial Crisis Domain Names For Sale On eBay
    Cybersquatters are trying to cash-in on Wall Street's financial crisis. Domain names like are for sale on eBay. Also being bid on: destructionof and

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