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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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  • Investigators Delve Into Aaron Alexis' Background
    As the investigation into Monday's mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard progresses, authorities are learning more about the mental state of the gunman, 34-year-old Aaron Alexis. A recent police report indicates Alexis was hearing voices coming from walls. Meanwhile, work is resuming at the Navy Yard.
  • New Trial Ordered In New Orleans Bridge Shooting Case
    Five New Orleans police officers were accused of shooting unarmed civilians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Two people died and four were seriously wounded. The officers were convicted and sentenced to prison. But on Tuesday, a district judge threw out their conviction on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.
  • D.C. Mourns Victims Of Navy Yard Shooting
    People in Washington, D.C. gathered throughout the day on Tuesday to mourn the victims of Monday's shootings at the Navy Yard. Thirteen people were killed — including the gunman.
  • 'Don't Know'? Just Admit It
    Author Leah Hager Cohen says it's time to stop faking your way through conversations. "Once you finally own up to what you don't know, then you can begin to have honest interactions with the people around you," she explains.
  • Just What The Doctor Ordered: Med Students Team With Chefs
    Tulane medical students are trading in their scrubs for chefs whites. They've teamed up with culinary students at Johnson & Wales University as part of an innovative new program designed to teach both groups how good nutrition can help stave off lifestyle diseases.
  • House Bill Would Cut 3.8 Million People From Food Stamp Rolls
    The measure would cut $40 billion from the federal SNAP program over 10 years. Republicans who back the cuts say they attack fraud. In reality, the vast majority of SNAP recipients either work or are children, disabled or elderly. The House is poised to take up the bill Thursday.
  • Your Kids And Money: Teaching The Value Of A Dollar
    What's the point of an allowance? For Ron Lieber, personal finance writer for The New York Times, it's a tool to help teach things like patience, moderation, thrift and generosity. Some parents make kids earn money by doing chores, while others give an unconditional allowance. What's your approach?
  • Walgreen's Revamps Employee Health Care Package
    The pharmacy chain is expected to announce that it will provide payments to employees so they can shop around for their own insurance. That is in lieu of supplying a company-sponsored benefit plan.
  • Home Care Workers To Be Included In Wage And Overtime Law
    There are about 2 million home care workers in the U.S. But currently they are not covered under minimum wage and overtime laws. That will change in January of 2015 under new regulations announced by the Obama administration.
  • Should It Take 2 Or 3 Years To Earn A Law Degree?
    President Obama, a Harvard Law grad and former law professor, has suggested that students can learn all they need to take the bar exam in two years. That would save them tens of thousands of dollars. But it would also cost law schools millions of dollars in tuition revenue.

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