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Monday, September 13, 2010

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  • Afghan Residents In The North Keep Taliban At Bay
    Afghan President Karzai is expected to take the boldest move yet towards a negotiated settlement with the Taliban by naming a new Peace Council that would include militants. Renee Montagne travels north to Mazar-e-Sharif the capital of Balkh Province. Presumably, Afghans in this area would resist bringing Taliban members, who are willing to stop fighting, back in to the government.
  • Border Patrol Program Raises Due Process Concerns
    Operation Streamline, first implemented in 2005, puts illegal border-crossers into the federal court system en masse and convicts them as federal criminals. Critics say the program takes resources from more violent cases and infringes on due process rights.
  • Constitutional Amendments Approved In Turkey
    Voters in Turkey approved sweeping changes to the country's military-era constitution on Sunday. The referendum was hailed by the government as a move toward full democracy.
  • Treating Blindness Takes More Than Meets The Eye
    Advances in medicine are making it increasingly possible to replace or regrow parts of the eye. But restoring sight may require changes in the brain as well -- and that's much harder to achieve.
  • Giving A Kidney, Gaining A Lifelong Friend
    Jeff Moyer reflects on the "unsurpassed gratification" he felt after successfully donating his kidney to Julie Stinson, the daughter of a friend. Kidney donation surgery is harder on donors than on recipients, Moyer says.  But while his discomfort will soon end, Stinson will take anti-rejection drugs for years to come.
  • Global Regulators Endorse New Bank Rules
    In Switzerland, financial regulators from 27 countries agreed Sunday that banks must substantially increase the amount of capital they hold in reserve. Critics say the rules could hurt the economy by reducing the amount of money banks can loan. But banks will have plenty of time to adjust to the new rules. They won't take full effect until 2019.
  • Harley Unions To Vote On Wisconsin Labor Contract
    Harley-Davidson workers in Wisconsin vote Monday on a proposed contract, and the results could affect whether the company's motorcycles, known as Milwaukee Iron, are still made in Milwaukee. Harley says it has to cut labor costs, and needs to make some workers seasonal at lower wages and fewer benefits.
  • Low In Supply, Used Cars Costing Drivers More
    People have been buying and leasing fewer new cars during the recession, reducing the number of trade-ins, dealers say. And the "Cash for Clunkers" program destroyed thousands of older cars. So, higher "used" prices make new models with incentives more attractive.
  • Montblanc Celebrates John Lennon With A Pen
    This year marks the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth. And for the occasion, penmaker Montblanc has come out with a special pen. The John Lennon model goes for $27,000. It has diamonds and sapphires and on its side, the word "imagine" is written in white gold.
  • Much To Do, Congress Faces Nov. Elections Deadline
    Congress is back at work this week after a five-week recess. Reams of bills await attention -- including more than 300 the House has sent to the Senate. Add to that President Obama's calls for billions of dollars for small-business tax breaks. But only about four weeks of work are scheduled before lawmakers head back on the campaign trail.

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