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Monday, August 24, 2009

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  • Iran And The Bomb: U.S. Keeps Options Open
    U.S. officials say the window to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon could close as early as 2013. The Obama administration wants to use diplomacy to stop that, but it also reserves the right to use military means.
  • Undelivered Ballots Delay Afghan Election Results
    In Afghanistan, the first results of last week's presidential and provincial council elections are due to be announced Tuesday. But millions of ballots are still making their way to the capital, Kabul. That leaves some questions as to when the election commission will be able to give preliminary results.
  • School Officials Juggle Budget Deficits, Swine Flu
    Some 56 million kids are heading back to school this fall. It's shaping up to be a year when schools face more demands with fewer resources. School districts are facing challenges from budget shortfalls to preparing for the return of swine flu.
  • Foolproof Forensics? The Jury Is Still Out
    Commonplace crimefighting tools — from hair analysis to fingerprinting — have resulted in the imprisonment of thousands of people. But they may not be as reliable as once thought. Scientists and Congress debate whether some techniques need more oversight.
  • Interval Training: Good Exercise For All Ages
    Researchers aren't exactly sure why, but interval training, versus a steady-paced workout, helps people get in shape faster and lose weight more quickly. That's the idea behind Mommy Bootie Camp, and experts say the short-burst workouts are great for older people, too.
  • Pumping Iron Builds Bone Strength For Kids, Too
    Even kids as young as 5 or 6 years old can strengthen their muscles and bones with resistance training, say physical education researchers. And, the strength training can help kids avoid injury on the sports field or in gym class.
  • Stocks Jump On Fed Chairman's Comments
    Asian stock markets climbed Monday on more hopeful signs for the U.S. economy. Upbeat comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke on Friday indicated strengthened confidence in a global recovery. Meanwhile, oil market investors are bidding up prices also because of optimism about the global economy.
  • For Fido And Friends, Times Aren't So 'Ruff'
    It costs less to throw the dog a bone than to take the family on vacation. Americans, it turns out, are spending more, not less, on their furry loved ones during the recession. A booming pet culture and growing product marketing may be propelling the pet industry.
  • Despite Economy, Craft Beer Industry Grows
    Small scale breweries — those that produce less than two million barrels of beer a year — are growing. Sales of craft beer were up 9 percent during the first half of 2009. The number of U.S. breweries making craft beer has risen to more than 1,500. That's a 5 percent increase in breweries from five years ago.
  • Vacationing Obama May Meet With Sen. Kennedy
    President Obama and his family are vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. Though the president has made it clear he wants to spend this week having fun with his daughters, there are reports he will travel to Cape Cod for a visit with Senator Ted Kennedy, who is direly ill. The debate over remaking health care continues despite the president being on vacation.

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