Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • President Lincoln's role in the US-Dakota War of 1862
    The conflict between the Dakota people and European settlers had been building long before the first shots were fired in the Dakota War. Dave Nichols, author of 'Lincoln and the Indians,' discussed this chapter in history with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer.6:50 a.m.
  • John FrohripTown saves money on cops, wonders if it did right
    Like an increasing number of Minnesota towns, Fertile relies on the county sheriff for law enforcement. Some residents worry more about safety.6:55 a.m.
  • State to cut some off public employee health benefits
    Following an audit, the state of Minnesota is terminating health insurance coverage for about 3,100 family members of state employees. The action stands to save the state about $10 million.7:20 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Hecklers Interrupt Ryan At Iowa State Fair Stop
    On Monday, GOP Rep. Paul Ryan made his first solo campaign trip since being named Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate. Ryan went to the Iowa State where candidates are a common sight. Ryan drew a big crowd but it wasn't always friendly.
  • Melons, Squash, Cash: A Million-Dollar Donor Sprouts
    Until recently, Amy Goldman, the author of lavish books about heirloom fruits and vegetables, didn't have much interest in politics. But her concern about women's health led her to donate $1 million to a pro-Obama superPAC — and another million to Planned Parenthood's political arm.
  • La. Court In Racially Charged Power Struggle, Again
    At stake is whether Louisiana will now have its first African-American chief justice. Justice Bernette Johnson was elected in 1994 to a special seat created to remedy racial disparities. Now, there's a conflict over whether she is actually the longest-serving justice, and therefore entitled to be the chief.
  • University Of Georgia To Honor First Black Graduate
    Mary Frances Early arrived at the university in the summer of 1961 as a graduate student during the height of desegregation in the South. Riots caused the first black students at the university to be temporarily suspended, and that's when Early was quietly getting her degree. Critics suggest Early's accomplishments have been largely overlooked.
  • A Wild Resting Place For Gunslingers And Cowboys
    Many residents of the Boot Hill cemetery in Tombstone, Ariz. — including gunfighters, miners, saloon keepers and train robbers — met untimely ends.
  • Palestinians Fear New Israeli Moves In West Bank
    A 1993 interim peace accord divided the West Bank into three areas. The largest, known as Area C, is under full Israeli control. Israel continues to build Jewish settlements there and has issued orders to demolish Palestinian homes.
  • Once Safe, Cairo's Streets Now Plagued By Crime
    Egypt's criminals are among those who have benefited from the country's revolution. Cairo, once known as a safe city, has seen a rise in lawless behavior, including everything from sexual assaults to carjackings, bank thefts to kidnappings.
  • Boosting Travel Options, Google To Buy Frommer's
    Frommer's is one of the best-known travel guide-book companies. The search giant is trying to offer more robust travel related results and sell more ads. Last year, Google bought the Zagat restaurant review brand as well.
  • Crayfish Go On The Menu To Restore Lake Tahoe's Blue Hue
    Nevada recently green-lighted a project to harvest crayfish in Lake Tahoe. It's the first time since the 1930s that commercial fishing has been allowed in the lake. The venture is small, but the hope is that it will keep the lake clear of algae — and provide a local dish for area visitors.
  • Original 'Cosmo' Girl Helen Gurley Brown Dies At 90
    Brown became famous in the 1960s with her bestseller Sex and the Single Girl. In it, she urged single women to embrace careers and sexuality. The book led to a three decades long career editing Cosmopolitan. Brown took the magazine from dowdy home and garden coverage to a saucy handbook for single women.

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