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Friday, August 13, 2010

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  • NATO Slack Forces U.S. To Send Afghanistan Trainers
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates had no choice but to sign orders deploying hundreds of additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan recently because NATO trainers had not arrived. Pentagon officials and military officers say NATO nations still aren't doing enough.
  • Flow Of Oil From Iraq To Iran Raises Concerns
    In northern Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan, the long lines of tanker trucks carrying oil into Iran are under scrutiny. Some observers say it's smuggling that violates international sanctions and Iraq's rules on the sale of oil. Others say it's perfectly legal.
  • UC-Berkeley Drops Part Of DNA Testing Program
    The University of California at Berkeley wanted freshmen to participate in a genetic testing experiment by submitting a saliva sample. But the school is dropping part of the program to comply with state health regulations. Regulators informed the school that voluntary gene scans must be treated as medical diagnostic tests, if students are provided with individual results.
  • Scientists Search For Endangered Amphibians
    Frogs and toads are among the planet's most endangered creatures. Many species are thought to be extinct, but scientists hope they may be hanging on. Claude Gascon of Conservation International and the Amphibian Specialist Group talks with Renee Montagne about the hunt across 18 countries for frogs and toads thought to be extinct.
  • Mich. Lawmaker Overcomes Odds To Eye Capitol Hill
    Earlier this month, state Sen. Hansen Clarke defeated seven-term incumbent Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick in the Democratic primary by running on a platform of targeting tax dollars to impoverished neighborhoods like the one he grew up in.
  • NBA Players Try For Chance On Team USA
    The U.S. men's basketball team is getting ready for the World Championship in Turkey later this month. While Team USA doesn't have the star power of past "dream teams," it has quite a few exciting players. And they're showing their stuff in New York this week.
  • 'The Expendables:' Over-The-Hill Bad Boys?
    It's just not summer without a bunch of big action movies -- and having a big Sylvester Stallone action flick is a bonus. That's what arrives in theaters this weekend. The Expendables star a mini-pantheon of aging action heroes led by Stallone.
  • 20 Moves Or Less Will Solve Rubik's Cube
    For nearly 30 years, mathematicians have been puzzling over the question: What's the lowest number of moves needed to solve a Rubik's Cube? An international team says it has finally found the answer.
  • Germany Grows At Its Fastest Pace In 20 Years
    Germany's gross domestic product was up more than 2 percent last quarter. That growth came in part from a surge in exports. The country has recovered from the economic crisis much faster than many other Euro-zone nations.
  • Group Brings Stimulus To Local Businesses Along Gulf
    A dozen concerned citizens from St. Louis raised $15,000 to spend on a four-day trip along the Gulf Coast. The group finishes its trip Friday, after spending the money at local businesses that are hurting economically from the oil spill.

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