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Monday, August 9, 2010

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  • Jobs Bill May Keep Teachers Employed
    Congress appears ready to pass a $10 billion measure to forestall the layoffs of thousands of teachers, as states struggle with budget deficits. The bill would save more than 100,000 jobs, but some question whether it makes sense to pad school district budgets before changes are made. And many districts already have avoided layoffs by demanding wage freezes and other sacrifices.
  • In Illegal Immigration Debate, To Hire Or Not?
    In Arizona, the immigration debate is taking place in the very homes where illegal workers make a living. Everyday families who hire undocumented workers to trim trees or paint walls are now deciding whether to keep breaking the law -- or to stop paying these workers under the table.
  • Wildfires Choke Moscow With Smoke
    The Russian capital Moscow is covered in dense smog from wildfires that have been burning since late July. The fires have ravaged western Russia, killing hundreds of people and leaving more than 4,000 homeless. Reporter Julia Ioffe, who writes for a number of American publications from her base in Moscow, talks to Steve Inskeep about the blazes.
  • A Dark View Of Dostoevsky On The Moscow Subway
    The Dostoevskaya station, meant to honor the author of Crime and Punishment, has some Russian psychologists concerned that murals of violent scenes will play with riders' minds.
  • Rwanda Holds 2nd Presidential Poll Since Genocide
    Voters in the central African nation are casting presidential ballots Monday for only the second time since the 1994 genocide. As many as 800,000 people were killed in the 100-day massacre. Rwanda has since been praised for its recovery and reconstruction, but reports of political tension could threaten rebuilding efforts. The BBC's Andrew Harding has been watching developments and talks to Steve Inskeep.
  • Campaign Aims To Make Meatless Mondays Hip
    Vegan, smegan. Meatless Monday devotees don't want us to deprive ourselves of meat entirely. They say going vegetarian one day a week is enough. It's the incrementalist movement that's gathering steam among chefs, public health officials and retired boomers who want to keep their hearts ticking.
  • Saudi Arabia Reaches Deal On BlackBerry Service
    The Associated Press reports that Saudi officials have reached a tentative deal with Research in Motion, the company that makes BlackBerry devices. Last week, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates threatened to shut down the mobile e-mail service unless the governments had the ability to monitor the messages.
  • Back To School, But Not To Excessive Shopping
    Early sales numbers look dismal for retailers as parents and kids go back-to-school shopping. Spending is up a bit from last year, but that wasn't a great year, either. A recent consumer survey shows that even while people eye prices, they aren't overlooking quality and value.
  • New Website Determined To Attract Viewers
    A new website focusing on local news in Washington, D.C., hopes to challenge The Washington Post and others for readers. The site is called TBD -- for To Be Determined -- an inside joke at how long it took to come up with a name.
  • Publisher Conde Nast To Launch Restaurants
    Magazine publisher Conde Nast is launching restaurants based on its glossy magazines. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company plans to open one or two restaurants next year, and as many as five per year after that. The company reportedly is only focusing its attention abroad, in cities such as Hong Kong and Dubai.

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