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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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  • Threats Cloud Afghan Women's Political Ambitions
    Later this month, a record number of women will be on the ballot in Afghanistan's elections — a major change in a country where women weren't allowed to attend school eight years ago. But many female candidates and voters are facing oppression, threats of violence and fraud.
  • Violence Shatters Afghan Sense Of Security
    Violence continues to plague Afghanistan. Some of it is aimed at the candidates in this month's elections and their supporters. A Taliban spokesman warned that as the elections approached, there would be more acts of violence. The result could be a lower voter turnout.
  • Ghanaian Artist Puts New Twist On Shadow Boxes
    Heather Badger is an artist in Ghana whose passion is to mix modern and traditional art forms. She uses computer technology and laser engravers to help fashion shadow boxes. Badger says she's tired of hearing that African art should be primitive and done in certain ways.
  • Indiana Autoworkers Go Back To School
    The ranks at Ivy Tech Community College in Kokomo, Ind., are swelling with laid-off factory workers. One in five people in Kokomo is jobless. Many are back in school with the help of a program that pays to retrain workers hurt by foreign trade.
  • Death Of Iranian Woman, Keeps Opposition Alive
    Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began a second term in office on Wednesday. Iranian writer Reza Aslan talks with Steve Inskeep about the opposition which continues to protest the election results. The opposition keeps in mind the death of Neda Agha Soltan, the young woman was killed in June during violence that followed the disputed election.
  • Tijuana Bicyclists Ride To Make Streets Safe
    Every Wednesday night, the streets in Tijuana, Mexico, are filled with hundreds of bicyclists who ride in spite of the city's notorious violence. They want to show that the streets can be safe and that Tijuana is a family-friendly place.
  • Retailers To Open 'Storefronts' On Facebook
    Hundreds of millions of Web surfers use Facebook to keep in contact. Facebook hopes they'll do some shopping as well. Britain's Financial Times reports that at least 20 retailers soon will open electronic "storefronts" on the site. These are not links to the retailers' websites. Instead, shoppers would complete their transactions on Facebook.
  • Sony's 2 Readers Compete With Amazon's Kindle
    Sony Corp. introduces two new devices to the world of digital book readers on Wednesday. Company officials say they hope to put Amazon and its Kindle on the defensive. Sony's two new e-book devices are the Reader Touch Edition and the Reader Pocket Edition
  • UBS Settlement Puts Spotlight On Tax Evasion
    UBS has agreed to settle a U.S. government lawsuit alleging that thousands of the Swiss banking giant's American customers are tax evaders. The settlement reportedly will require UBS to hand over the names of about 5,000 U.S. account holders.
  • RadioShack Changing Name To 'The Shack'
    RadioShack Corp. is launching a branding campaign in the hopes of jazzing up its image. The 88-year-old electronics retailer now wants to be referred to as "The Shack." It is shifting towards mobile products, and away from old-fashioned things like radios.

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