Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Looking for survivorsMany still missing
    Area hospitals may have seen the last of the injured survivors. Rescue teams said most of the injured were brought in within an hour of the collapse. Dozens of worried relatives are searching for the missing.7:20 a.m.
  • SurvivorsSurvivors, witnesses tell of escapes, rescues at bridge collapse
    Quick response by fire and police crews, and passersby, helped keep the death toll down. For many, their safety was a matter of luck.7:25 a.m.
  • Ready for actionEmergency plans pay off
    Search-and-rescue units from across the metro area reacted swiftly to the scene. They provided fire, paramedic and water rescue to help with the scene.7:50 a.m.
  • Meeting the mediaCollapse mystifies officials, experts
    Gov. Tim Pawlenty says two state inspections in the past two years found no structural problems with the bridge that collapsed.7:55 a.m.
  • A section of the collapsed bridgeSearch hampered by river conditions; bridge conditions under scrutiny
    Divers searched the Mississippi River Thursday for bodies still trapped beneath the twisted debris of a collapsed bridge, as finger-pointing began over a report two years ago that found the bridge was "structurally deficient."8:20 a.m.
  • Most kids escapedAs tragic as it was, bridge disaster could have been worse
    One of the most horrifying images from the bridge collapse may have been the sight of a yellow school bus stranded on a section of the bridge. Dozens of Minneapolis school children were returning from a field trip when the bridge fell.8:40 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Collapsed Minneapolis Bridge Was Under Repair
    An interstate bridge in downtown Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River Wednesday evening. The bridge, built in 1967, was undergoing repairs. A 2001 inspection showed fatigue, but no cracks.
  • Marine Accused of Killing Iraqi to Learn Fate
    Marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins, on trial for a plot to kidnap and kill an Iraqi man, could soon learn his fate. A member of Hutchins' squad, Cpl. Marshall Magincalda, was acquitted of kidnapping and murder in the same case.
  • Witness 'Saw the Road Come Down'
    "We just heard a loud rumble and I turned around and saw the road come down." That's how witness Courtney Jensen describes the collapse of the I-35 West bridge in Minneapolis.
  • Senate Due to Take Up Ethics Bill
    The Senate is expected to take up a measure that would change the way lawmakers and lobbyists do business. Some Republicans plan to vote against the bill — even as one of their own, Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, is under federal investigation for possible ethics violations.
  • Missouri's High Court Limits Political Donations
    The Missouri Supreme Court recently reinstated a ceiling on campaign contributions, ending nearly seven months of unlimited donations. Now a question arises: Should candidates have to return any of that money?
  • Witnesses Say Minneapolis Bridge Just Buckled
    Rescue workers in Minneapolis resume a search for victims and survivors after the I-35 West bridge in Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River Wednesday night. The concrete and steel bridge buckled suddenly at the height of rush hour traffic.
  • Support Group Strengthens Mother-Daughter Bond
    Keeping a sound relationship during the teenage years can be tricky for both parent and child. But with the Mother-Daughter Project, a group of mothers and daughters have banded together to form a support circle with hopes of cementing and nurturing family ties.
  • Researchers: Moms Must Maintain Parent Role
    What's going on in the minds of teenage girls when they pull away from their mothers? Researchers say it's important for mothers to keep their role and to tell their daughters what to do.
  • Minn. Bridge Work Focused on Road Surface
    As authorities begin looking for an explanation for the Minneapolis bridge collapse, a state highway spokesman says crews were at work on the surface of the road, but not the underlying structure.
  • Lead Paint Prompts Mattel Toy Recall
    Mattel, maker of Fisher-Price toys, will recall almost 1 million plastic preschool toys made in China because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead. The recall involves such popular characters as Elmo and Big Bird.

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