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Friday, August 1, 2008

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  • Conflicts Arise As Intelligence Community Expands
    During the Cold War era, the CIA was the only U.S. spy agency. But as threats to national security have become more diverse, other government agencies — such as the FBI and the DEA — are recruiting foreign informants and pursuing their own intelligence leads. And that's causing competition and conflict.
  • Minnesota Marks 1 Year Since Fatal Bridge Collapse
    One year ago Friday in Minnesota's Twin Cities, the Interstate 35 West bridge crumbled into the Mississippi River, killing 13 and injuring 140 people. Accelerated construction of a new bridge is almost complete.
  • Letters: Sick Days, Saving Energy, Visas, Comics
    Renee Montagne and Deborah Amos read some comments from listeners — including responses to our story about how more employees are showing up for work when they're sick.
  • Yosemite Visitors, Businesses See Upside Of Wildfire
    More than 20 homes have been destroyed in a wildfire at the edge of Yosemite National Park in California, and hundreds of residents had to evacuate. Still, tourists in the Yosemite Valley are enduring the smoke-filled skies and power outages, and business is mostly going on as usual.
  • Deaths Decline In Iraq; Afghanistan Fight Intensifies
    The month of July was the least deadly month for U.S. troops in Iraq. Eleven American deaths were reported — the lowest count since the war began. But in Afghanistan, violence has intensified.
  • New Report Says Aid For Iraqi Refugees Lacking
    Nearly 5 million Iraqi refugees have left their country, some heading to nearby Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. A new report from the International Crisis Group, a nonpartisan research organization, says countries that are occupying Iraq, including the United States, must do more for the refugees.
  • General Motors Announces $15 B Quarterly Loss
    General Motors says it lost more than $15 billion in the most recent quarter, much more than many analysts and investors were expecting. North American sales dropped 20 percent. Sales of its military-style Hummer have also plunged, and GM is considering deals with overseas companies.
  • July Jobs Report: 51,000 Lost
    New numbers from the Labor Department show that the U.S. economy lost another 51,000 jobs in July. That's less than the market was expecting, so stock prices are up, but it's the seventh straight month of job losses. That's never happened before without the economy falling into recession.
  • Crocs Losing Foothold Among Young Consumers
    Stock in Crocs Inc. has plummeted 90 percent since October 2007, and many younger buyers are walking away from the colorful clog. But analysts say a fashion fad can turn into an established brand.
  • US Airways Starts Charging For Soft Drinks
    US Airways is the first major U.S. carrier to start charging for nonalcoholic beverages. It's part of a slew of new fees aimed at offsetting higher fuel costs. Flight attendants are against the move.

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