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Friday, July 23, 2010

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  • Amid Mixed Economic News, Strong Corporate Earnings
    Microsoft's profits surged this week, so did Apple's and AT&T's. Despite stubbornly high unemployment, consumers are buying PCs, along with iPhones and iPads. Companies are buying, too.
  • Inside Our Toxic Asset: An 81-Year-Old Man With A Dog Named Muffin
    We bought a toxic asset full of mortgages gone bad. Then we went to Florida to find some of the people behind the mortgages.
  • Who Is 'Salt'? Tastily Enough, It's Angelina Jolie
    Critic Kenneth Turan says the actress's steely resolve -- in a kicking-butt-and-taking-names part originally written for a male star -- is the main reason to see a summer action thriller that otherwise gets pretty silly, pretty fast.
  • Ramona Quimby: The Mischievous Girl Next Door
    Ramona has been making trouble ever since the 1950s, when she first appeared in print. Now she's the focus of a new movie, Ramona and Beezus. In a revival of NPR's 'In Character' series, Elizabeth Blair takes a look at Beverly Cleary's most beloved creation.
  • Letters To Beloved Authors
    We took to Facebook on Thursday to ask listeners if they had ever written a letter to a favorite author from their childhood. Some listeners shared their stories.
  • Holocaust Survivors Blast French Rail's U.S. Pursuits
    A subsidiary of the French national railway, SNCF, took over operation of a commuter train in Virginia this month and has its sights on a contract in California. The railway transported some 75,000 Jews to death camps during World War II, and survivors say the company has not made amends.
  • Four Letters Ease Housing Fears For Some: Rent
    The rental market hasn't seen an uptick in business even though home sales continue to decline. The rental vacancy rate is at 10.6 percent, near an all-time high. But changing attitudes may boost the rental market going forward.
  • Expert Discusses Housing Market
    Guy Cecala, publisher of the industry newsletter Mortgage Finance Insider, discusses the housing market and why low interest rates are having so little effect in boosting sales.
  • Wes Skiles, Pioneering Adventure Photographer, Dies At 52
    The photographer's untimely death came just before his National Geographic cover photo.
  • U.K. Economy Grows At Fastest Pace In Four Years
    The British economy grew almost twice as much as economists were forecasting for the second quarter. That's welcome news for a country dealing with painful budgets cuts aimed at reducing a record budget deficit. The numbers are the fastest expansion in four years.

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