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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Obama Turns Up Heat On Congressional Republicans
    During President Obama news conference Wednesday, he urged lawmakers to act quickly on a deficit reduction plan, and to approve an increase in the federal debt ceiling. The debt limit must be raised by Aug. 2 or the government will risk an unprecedented default.
  • Is GOP Resolve On Taxes Showing Cracks?
    Most Senate Republicans voted two weeks ago to end a tax break for ethanol. Some see that vote as a chink in the armor of anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist and the no-new-taxes pledge he's gotten almost every GOP lawmaker to take.
  • China's Rise: Inward-Looking Or Expansionist?
    From inside China, it can often seem that modern Chinese power is more aimed at erasing a painful past than at writing a dominant future. The problem is that with a growing military and with increasingly assertive foreign and commercial policies, China doesn't always look that way from outside.
  • For Want Of A Bribe: India's Anti-Corruption Push
    In India, paying bribes is often seen as part of life. A few rupees or a chocolate bar for a government official is the norm. But commentator Sandip Roy says things are changing. Newly energized activists are taking on corruption, and things are looking up.
  • Newark Budget Cuts Mean Less Police Presence
    Newark, New Jersey, laid off about 160 police officers last winter because of budget problems. What has happened to the crime rate in Newark since the officers were laid off in December?
  • Economic Crisis Could Undo Unified Europe
    Strikes in Britain are the latest in a series of protests sweeping Europe over the imposition of tough austerity measures aimed at controlling debt and spending. The result: a crisis of confidence. The airwaves are awash with gloomy debates over whether the European Union even has a long-term future.
  • Toyota Recalls Hybrid SUVs Over Electronics Issue
    Toyota announced it is recalling more than 80,000 hybrid SUVs sold in the United States. Possible faulty wiring could cause the vehicles to lose power or stop running completely. The recall involves the Highlander hybrid SUV and Lexus hybrid SUV.
  • Banks Ordered To Lower Retailers' Debit Fees
    Starting in October, banks will only be allowed to charge retailers 21 cents for each debit card transaction, plus an additional 0.05 percent of the purchase price to cover the cost of fraud protection.
  • Major Trove Of Classical Music Manuscripts For Sale
    The group of original scores, costing $135 million, reads like a greatest hits of classical music.
  • News Corp. Sells Myspace For $35 Million
    Pop singer Justin Timberlake is teaming up with an online advertising company to buy the social networking site MySpace. Six years ago, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. bought the social networking site for a hefty $580 million.

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