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Monday, June 29, 2009

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  • Madoff To Find Out How Long He'll Be In Prison
    The sentencing of disgraced financier Bernard Madoff, 71, is expected to draw a crowd Monday. Officials say hundreds of people are likely to show up. Prosecutors are seeking a 150-year prison sentence. The defense has asked for a 12-year term because of Madoff's age.
  • Supreme Court Preparing To Wrap Up Term
    The Supreme Court is expected to release decisions Monday in three cases: on alleged reverse racial discrimination, campaign funding; and bank regulation. With those opinions, the Court wraps up its business for the summer.
  • Ousted Honduran President Vows To Stay In Charge
    The first military takeover of a Central American government in 16 years is drawing widespread condemnation from governments around the world. The democratically-elected president of Honduras was ousted Sunday and a successor has been named. But President Manuel Zelaya is vowing to stay in power.
  • Deadline Nears For Iraqi Security Handover
    By Tuesday, all but a small number of U.S. troops are to have left Iraq's urban areas, leaving security in the hands of Iraqi soldiers and police. Americans will take a supporting and advisory role. Iraqis and Americans are greeting the day with a mix of relief and anxiety.
  • Food Bank To Benefit From Museum's Garden
    In Tulsa, Okla., the Philbrook Museum of Art is doing something different with outdoor space that it can't afford to maintain as a formal garden this year. Workers have planted vegetables that will be harvested and donated to the local community food bank. Melinda McMillan is the museum's garden director, and she talks with Renee Montagne about the program.
  • Baby Steps To Better Breathing
    Breathing is something we take for granted. But with busy and stressful lifestyles, we can develop habits that interfere with the natural rhythm of the breath. Breathing techniques can help us slow down our breath to emulate the full, deep breaths of sleeping babies.
  • Non-Smokers Suffer Lung Cancer Stigma
    Smoking is such a well-known cause of lung cancer that many don't realize thousands who never smoked get the diagnosis. The great majority are women. Recent research shows it's really a different disease than smoking-related lung cancer. But those with the diagnosis say they suffer the same stigma.
  • Bankruptcy Hearing For General Motors
    General Motors is back in court Tuesday. It's expected to ask a judge to approve a plan to create a healthy "new" GM — financed by the government. Under the plan, GM would be able to shed its bad assets. But the company still has legal challenges. It faces dealers who want compensation for their contracts being terminated.
  • It Pays To Check Your Financial Statements
    Investment advisor Matthew Weitzman has been charged with stealing $6 million from clients. One of his clients was Ron Lieber, who writes a personal finance column for The New York Times. Lieber tells David Greene it pays to read every word of financial statements. Lieber was not a victim of fraud.
  • MySpace Airs Exclusive Preview Of 'Bruno'
    Producers of the new movie Bruno have piled onto the social networking bandwagon to promote the movie. MySpace ran an exclusive preview of the movie. MySpace has lost ground recently to rival Facebook.

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