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Monday, June 25, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Wood pileWood-powered Morris businesses
    You've probably heard about some of the major efforts in our region to use biomass for energy. But not all biomass projects are industrial sized, some of them are on a small scale.7:20 a.m.
  • Wills for HeroesMinnesota lawyers launch "Wills for Heroes" program
    Minnesota lawyers are donating their time to draft wills and health care directives for firefighters, police, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and corrections officers.7:24 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Former Liberian President Taylor Boycotts Hague
    Charles Taylor, the former Liberian President, has again boycotted his high-profile trial in the Hague for war crimes, prompting judges to delay the case until next week. He was indicted for his alleged involvement backing rebels in the brutal war in neighboring Sierra Leone.
  • Saddam Hussein's Cousin Sentenced to Hang
    An Iraqi court convicted Ali Hassan al-Majid, known as "Chemical Ali," and sentenced him to death by hanging. He is the cousin of Saddam Hussein. Chemical Ali was convicted along with several of Hussein's other associates for helping orchestrate the genocide of Iraqi Kurds in the late 1980s, known as the Anfal campaign.
  • Child Obesity Concerns Prompt Shift in Food Ads
    The food industry spends about $10 billion dollars on advertising each year, much of it for sugary food aimed at kids. But with concern over childhood obesity, the biggest food companies are under pressure to make changes. There are no federal laws that limit what sorts of foods companies can advertise to children.
  • Kellogg Revises Ads, Recipes for Under-12 Market
    Kellogg's will not advertise to children under 12 any food that contains more than 200 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat, or 12 grams of sugar starting next year. The new rules mean the company will have to revise its recipes for Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks and Pop-Tarts — or not market them to children under 12.
  • Presidential Aspirants Shun Mayors Conference
    While all 18 of the declared candidates for president were invited to speak at the 75th U.S. Conference of Mayors in Los Angeles only three — all Democrats — made an appearance: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.
  • Local Food Co-Ops Go Beyond Greens
    Farmers are taking the idea of a local food co-op beyond fruits and vegetables, signing up customers for regular deliveries of local, naturally raised meat.
  • Paris Neighborhood Stores Thrive
    Paris has a thriving culture of small businesses, and not by chance. One of the main goals of Paris is to keep the huge supermarkets out because they are the main competition for small businesses. There are butchers, cheese shops, florists, bakeries and cafes all doing a brisk business on the same street.
  • UAW, Delphi Deal Calls for Lower Pay, Buyouts
    A deal between the United Auto Workers and the struggling auto parts maker Delphi calls for the company to slash workers' pay from $27 to $14 an hour. It will also shut down at least a dozen sites. And it will offer workers buyouts in an attempt to emerge from bankruptcy and avoid a strike.
  • Senate to Consider Bill on Forming Labor Unions
    The Senate is due to take up a bill that's critical to the survival of America's beleaguered labor movement. The bill would make it much easier to form a union, allowing workers to just sign a card instead of having to request a secret ballot election. President Bush has already pledged to veto it.
  • Apple's iPhone: It All Depends on the Keypad
    The iPhone due on the market June 29th is being hyped for all the things it has: a music player, e-mail, Internet access, and a beautiful color screen. But it is also getting a quite a bit of attention for not having a keypad.

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